Biodegradable Packaging

Biodegradable Packaging Manufacturer, Factory, Supplier In China

If you're looking for great valuewholesale biodegradable packaging,such as biodegradable packaging box ,biodegradable cup,biodegradable packaging bags,biodegradable food packaging containers wholesale suppliers, Sunshine bakery packaging is the one-stop resource you can trust. We are your one-stop Biodegradable Packaging supplier to provide you with professional solutions.

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eco friendly baking packaging

Biodegradable Packaging Wholesale - Manufacturer, Factory, Supplier In China

SunShine Bakery Packaging comes with a full range of eco-friendly food packaging,from recyclable bags to compostable containers. We even have biodegradable cutlery! We offer a wide range of sustainable products,not just cake boards and boxes.Our wide range of eco-friendly bakery packaging supplies are compostable and made with sustainable materials.

Whether you need biodegradable cupcake containers, biodegradable cake boxes and biodegradable cookie bags,silicone tool kits or any biodegradable bakery packaging,our selection will make your product stand out. Many products come with custom printing and free samples, wholesale quantity discounts and fast shipping!

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Biodegradable Packaging Solutions

SunShine Bakery Packaging packaging products are also made from biodegradable cardboard. Made in China, our packaging is here to help you move to biodegradable packaging with a variety of solutions. Whether you need packaging for your bakery shop's own use, retail or wholesale sales, we have the solution you need.

Our professional design team can save you time and money designing your exclusive eco-friendly packaging! Learn how to choose your biodegradable packaging and discover our solutions today. Bakery packaging is not only durable, but also more environmentally friendly.

Biodegradable Packaging Box

Sunshine packaging products are available worldwide, and our facility offers a variety of packaging options for food service as well as custom printing capabilities. Be sure to check out their product navigation bar to help you understand these options.

The entire Sunshine Bakery Packaging team is working hard to facilitate the recycling and reuse of boxes, and we help our customers make the ecological transition of their packaging from traditional options to alternatives using more environmentally friendly materials, such as paper or other biodegradable solutions.

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Biodegradable Cup

Sunshine Bakery Packaging offers a wide variety of plant-based compostable food service and food packaging products. Many of our compostable bakery packaging can be custom printed, including sustainable cupcake packaging, bowls and individually wrapped straws ect.

We also stock a wide range of compostable cups for coffee and beverages, for hot or cold beverages, in a wide range of sizes, as well as custom biodegradable packaging.

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Biodegradable Packaging Bags

Sunshine Bakery Packaging's biodegradable plastic bags are made from biodegradable materials(eco friendly packaging for baked goods), with a proprietary manufacturing process that enhances the quality of the sustainable bakery packaging.

As biodegradable packaging suppliers,our biodegradable cake packaging like eco friendly cupcake packaging,eco friendly bakery bags and biodegradable bakery boxes are very durable while remaining lightweight.

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Biodegradable Food Packaging Containers

You can get wholesale food packaging at reasonable prices.

Biodegradable food packaging containers are made from renewable resources and provide a variety of environmentally friendly materials with different properties. Biodegradable food packaging containers are suitable for packaging fresh products, baked goods and refrigerated foods. Food brands, retailers, Bakers, processors, and wholesale supplier packers provide high-quality, custom, fully compostable packaging.

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Don’t you find what you are looking for?

Sunshine Packaging provides affordable biodegradable food packaging in China, we provide customized eco-friendly food packaging solutions to enhance your visibility and brand image while demonstrating your commitment to the environment. We always go the extra mile to provide you with the best options for your sustainable packaging for baked goods, for all your needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Eco-friendly Food Packaging

My bakery packaging business needs environmentally friendly custom packaging. Is my food safe in these boxes?

Absolutely safe. Not only do we focus on eco-friendly packaging, but we also provide you with safe, reliable and sturdy biodegradable food packaging containers to protect your bakery art.

Can you print my brand name on these boxes?

Certainly. We specialize in providing customized packaging solutions. You can share your brand logo and packaging design with us, we also have a professional design team to design for you for free.

What is the best packaging material for baked goods?

We create food-grade bakery packaging using our eco-friendly custom packaging to hold your product in place. We will confirm it to make it suitable for packaging, contact us to learn more about our one-stop sourcing service.

Do you accept bulk orders?

Yes, we accept bulk orders. Please feel free to contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

What file format should I submit my design in?

For image or logo files, we recommend JPG, PNG, PSD, PDF or Ai in one of the following formats. So that our designers can easily open your file and communicatewith you to confirm.

Can I order samples before a full production run?

Yes, we offer free samples (but not shipping) so you can evaluate designs with your business and partners before placing an order for confirmation. Send an email to contact us and we will provide you with a sample process.

How long is the production time?

Our standard production time is 3 to 5 weeks after proof approval. Production time may be increased if production sample confirmation is required. It takes about 3 - 7 working days for samples to be shipped by international express. Your order may need to be shipped by sea and such orders may require additional lead time.

Why is biodegradable packaging good for the environment?

Biodegradable packaging is made from renewable plants. This means that these packagings are sustainable, many of which are made from raw crops that are by-products of agriculture, and by using the fibers of these agricultural by-products to produce food containers, this eco-friendly material is upcycled rather than wasted.

Why use compostable packaging?

Choose the right sustainable packaging(compostable cake boxes) solution so you don't have to compromise on quality or sustainability.

If you need help choosing the right compostable material and packaging application that best meets your needs, feels free to drop us a line and the packaging experts at Sunshine packaging will be happy to help!

What is good eco-friendly food packaging?

For your bakery creations, we make sure you only get premium biodegradable packaging for food and compostable bakery boxes.

Sunshine Packaging is one of the world leaders in the manufacture and distribution of biodegradable bakery packaging. Biodegradable packaging is supported as the best recycling solution for food packaging by food-certified sustainable and custom recyclable bakery consumer goods packaging that is waterproof/freeze/grease proof.

Why choose Sunshine Eco-friendly Food Packaging ?

Sunshine Bakery Packaging can be your one-stop shop for eco friendly bakery packaging (sustainably sourced packaging). Design online or send us your creations and instructions, we have professional eco friendly packaging for cakes and teams to help you optimize wholesale custom Eco-friendly Food Packaging, and our designers will help you create packaging that reflects your brand image!

As one of the leading food packaging companies in China, Sunshine Bakery Packaging Eco-friendly Food Packaging strives to provide our customers with the best, from the quality of our Eco-friendly Food Packaging containers to our excellent customer service to help you save material and shipping costs.

Environmentally sustainable

We offer recyclable and compostable food packaging materials and disposable tableware made from plants.

Can be customized

Design and deliver unique, custom, biodegradable branded custom packaging for free to differentiate your brand and attract more customers.

Competitive price

Discounted prices on wholesale custom packaging produced by Sunshine packaging, guaranteeing savings on packaging and shipping costs.

High quality

We offer high-quality custom food packaging containers and compostable takeaway boxes to suit your business needs and fit your budget.

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Biodegradable Packaging: The Ultimate Guide

At Sunshine Bakery Packaging, we are a manufacturer of biodegradable packaging. We offer sustainable bakery packaging with a wide range of possibilities in terms of materials so that brands can differentiate themselves through product presentation.

Sunshine Packaging is founded on the values ​​and intent of providing packaging that is safe for people and good for the planet. As consumer demand for eco-friendly packaging and regulations increase, Sunshine Packaging continues to develop innovative solutions to meet these challenges.

In addition, the company offers packaging solutions not only for food but also for other products such as cosmetics. We have everything you need.

What is biodegradable packaging?

Biodegradable packaging materials are made from materials with organic elements found in nature. These chemical additives contained in biodegradable plastics will eventually break down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass (residual material), which all naturally degrade into materials such as biomass, and the decomposition process does not cause pollution in any way. . Biodegradable bakery packaging materials or completely plant-based materials, more environmentally friendly materials can meet the needs of every business.

Biodegradable packaging is a synthetic substance, the ability to break down naturally and rapidly over time in the presence of living organisms, they are made from renewable resources and are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Eco-friendly biodegradable packaging supplies are your best way to reduce your environmental impact while attracting environmentally conscious consumers.

Whether you are looking for biodegradable packaging that complies with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials or to comply with new trade regulations, there is a biodegradable bakery packaging solution for you!

Biodegradable packaging is a food safe packaging material commonly used in the manufacture of biodegradable packaging boxes, biodegradable cups, biodegradable packaging bags and biodegradable food packaging containers, which are popular and durable eco-friendly alternatives.

Why is biodegradable packaging important?

In the current climate crisis, we are experiencing one of the worst losses of biodiversity. More and more consumers have turned to biodegradable packaging, and many companies have become more environmentally friendly.

Coupled with this shift in consumer trends and sustainability becoming an important issue due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, businesses seek alternatives to packaging. Consumers support this shift in sustainable consumption trends and consider purchasing sustainable packaging.

Packaging is critical for long shelf life, food safety and reducing food waste in fresh produce. Packaging protects its contents from weather, facilitates transportation, provides information, makes storage easier, promotes and communicates the value of a product, keeps consumers safe, and is environmentally responsible.

In addition, packaging also affects the way people interact with a company about its products and services; therefore, the use of biodegradable packaging products can also give a company a positive image of being environmentally friendly.

While packaging such as plastic, Styrofoam and other materials can protect the product, they are not very environmentally friendly. The world is moving towards a greener environment. We provide you with biodegradable packaging box making it the perfect candidate for environmental change; cake boxes are one of the essential parts when transporting cakes, greener, greener.

Advantages of Biodegradable Packaging

Biodegradable packaging is part of the fight against environmental pollution and climate change. Sorted and collected correctly, it will be recycled and given a second life. Using biodegradable packaging has less impact on the earth's resources, emits less carbon dioxide and is therefore also ecologically responsible packaging. Our products currently offer sustainable packaging solutions.

Reduce Environmental Hazards

With the increased demand for biodegradable/environmentally friendly packaging, many people are concerned about the ingredients of their packaging and the potential impact it could have on their health. Unlike traditional packaging produced from synthetic and chemical materials, most biodegradable plastic packaging products are non-toxic and therefore less harmful to consumers and manufacturers.

Biodegradable packaging/plastics use a variety of technologies in each process and are made from highly recyclable materials that do not produce harmful air pollution off-gases.

Reduce Waste

Since biodegradable plastics degrade over time, waste management is improved as less waste takes up space in landfills, freeing up land for other uses. It reduces waste burning in incinerators, it degrades in landfills and does not require burning, therefore, biodegradable plastics are good for the environment.

Recyclable And Flexible

Biodegradable plastics are recyclable. Recycled biological waste can also be used as renewable energy for production. In addition, because biodegradable plastic products are flexible when converted into polymers, they can be used in conjunction with traditional plastic manufacturing products. Therefore, no new products are required to produce biodegradable plastic products. These virgin materials can be completely decomposed in a composting facility, making them recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Eco friendly cake boards are an integral part of our celebratory moments in our daily lives, and like all of the various biodegradable cake box,cake baking and decorating necessities, a cake board is essential to a baker's kit. Without a cake board, it would be difficult for us to transport the cake intact. Having a cake board and biodegradable cake box can perfectly display your baking artwork and make your celebration more complete.

Custom Degradable Packaging

Our everyday eco-friendly products combine the latest renewable materials with expert design and functionality. The excellent design team will customize the exclusive product packaging design for you, which is specially designed for the circular economy, and the resources can be reused and not wasted. Email us to get eco-friendly custom packaging at the lowest low price.

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