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--Reusable moisture proof MDF cake board

--A simple, reliable and versatile choice for any occasion.

--Available in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes to meet all needs

--One of the most beautiful and stunning ways to showcase your work

--Passed the SGS test report, completely food safety

--Buy more discount, factory wholesale price

Masonite cake boards are sturdy, beautiful and affordable. The unique, beautiful and elegant designs of our Sunshine Masonite cake boards are perfect for wedding cake designs, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Regular gold and silver Masonite provides an elegant display for all cake shapes. Decorators often choose silver and gold to match the design and decoration of the cake, so they can use the same board for different projects.

Black marble and white marble MDF panels. These marble cake boards will blend perfectly with your project, the marble pattern looks more classy and elegant with a special touch and looks quite beautiful.

White Masonite ensures that your cakes with vibrant, colorful icing and intricate designs stand out for a stunning look. This makes them ideal for wedding cake designs, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

Advantages Of Masonite Cake Board

As a manufacturer and supplier of MDF cake boards in China, the cake boards we produce are also extremely moderate in density, and have excellent dimensional stability and are not easily deformed, which provides safety for the transportation of cakes. If you need custom MDF cake board or price list of MDF cake board please send email to contact us.

Uniform Surface

The strongest cake board drum on the cake decorating market today. Masonite drum pads are grease resistant, food safe and won't bend. They provide a long-lasting and solid foundation for your cake. Unlike cheap corrugated paper, it is made of sturdy fiberboard.


Unlike corrugated cardboard, MDF board is more resistant to bending forces than corrugated cardboard, and is heavier, more stable and safer for transporting cakes. Of course all bakery packaging materials are food grade.


Unlike solid wood, the cost is more competitive. Since it is better than corrugated paper in terms of cost and quality - 'superior quality', there will also be another exclusive quotation in terms of price.

Uniform Surface

Provides a clean feel and without the porosity of cardboard, very smooth and suitable for decorating with various finishes.  No need to cover the cake board with fondant, helping you save time and money.


MDF material is easy to cut, its structure is uniform, the density is moderate, the board surface is smooth and delicate, and it is easy to handle various finishes. Here you can customize your wedding cake board with your company logo. When the MDF cake board is branded with a LOGO, these MDF cake boards with a custom logo can help you increase your brand awareness.

What is a custom MDF cake board?

We customize exclusive solutions for our customers. Enhance your brand with wholesale personalized cake boards and cake boxes from the best custom bakery packaging wholesale factory.

To get the best return on your marketing campaign investment, our team of professionals will help you design and build your branded products together that provide ongoing promotional appeal while being useful to customers in their daily lives.

When it comes to branding with a logo, these custom logo MDF cake boards can help you increase your brand awareness.

Customers who generally have their own cake shop usually purchase cake boards with custom logo cake boards to increase brand awareness.

mdf board

MDF material is actually a common medium density fiberboard.


Colorful Cake Board

masonite board  (47)

MDF Cake Board


The Festival Custom

Product Specifications


MDF, aluminum foil, white paper




2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm


-Untextured or textured (regular textures: Grape, Maple, Rose, Lenny)

-Smooth or matte


wrap edge

Regular colors

silver, gold, white, black (more color OME for you)


round, square, rectangle, heart(more shape OME for you)


regular 25 / shrink bags (or according to customer's request)



How to customize wholesale MDF cake board?

In this era of more and more personalization, the unique MDF cake board will be more favored by consumers in the baking market.

It is China's best sell MDF cake board. The following is a brief introduction to the customization process of China MDF masonite cake board.

First of all, it is important to find manufacturers and professional custom wholesale cake board manufacturers.

Detailed description of different Shapes MDF Cake Board customization requirements to ensure that manufacturers do not misunderstand custom shapes, quantities, sizes and thicknesses.

Production samples are then confirmed and final requirements and order details can be confirmed through a final proforma invoice.

China Customize MDF Cake Board manufacturer can arrange production.

Of course, there will be the cost of sample production, but both sides can reach an agreement.

At this stage, it is the test of manufacturers' ability to customize! When the sample is satisfactory, we can place an order for production.

Finally, a mass production contract is signed.



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I love them.They are beautiful,great quality and easy to put together.


"Thank u Fiona.Say thank u.To everybody.There who worked making.My cake drums."

Write your message here and send it to us
Write your message here and send it to us