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  • The 25th China Baking Exhibition

    Cake Board Factory & Manufacture The 25th China Baking Exhibition has been held in Guangzhou  from June 30, 2022 to July 2, 2022.As one of the exhibitors, we has brought our new products to attend the exhibition and got a great effective! Look, th...
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  • Beautiful Memories Of SunShine Team | Serious Work & Happy Life

    Cake Board Factory The following is the first anniversary of Joy, a member of the Sunshine team. she says: "I am very fortunate to meet a job I love, a career I love and a group of sunny partners. Before I came to Sunshine, I was still i...
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  • Hard Work & Happy Life—SunShine Family–Unity,Love and Fun Party Activities

    We're Here To Create Good Things SunShine Field Lawn Outing Hiking Group (Sunshine Family)- Party Spring, a season of spring flowers It is most suitable for a spring outing to relax and in this season of awakening of all things Bring sunshine-wrap...
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  • The Trust Of Partners Is The Driving Force For The Growth Of SunShine

    Cake Board Factory In this article, Sunshine Packaging shares a story with you, which is a very important partner in the growth of Sunshine Bakery Packaging. It is precisely because every customer like him has given us trust and opportunity that o...
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  • Sunshine Baking Manufacturer’s latest Capacity Report for 2021

    Sunshine Baking Manufacturer’s latest Capacity Report for 2021

    Cake Board Factory In 2021,  Sunshine Baking & Packaging Co., Ltd. sold a total of about 9 million cake boards and 2.5 million cake boxes around the world. A 40-foot cabinet can hold 40,000 cake board, and 9 million cake boards can hold 225 40...
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  • What Sunshine Wants To Do?

    What Sunshine Wants To Do?

    Cake Board Factory SUNSHINE BAKERY PACKGING Sunshine is striving to be the employer of choice by creating a culture based on doing the right thing for our customers and each other.We accept the fact that everyone at our company brings a...
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