Cake Board Wholesale

Cake Board Manufacturer, Factory, Supplier In China

If you're looking for great value cake board wholesale suppliers, Sunshine bakery packaging is the one-stop resource you can trust. We specialize in the manufacture of cake boards and drums, making it easy for you to create great food packaging for all your favorite baked goods.The cake board is the base on which you place your baked cake display. From a bakery packaging standpoint, choosing the perfect cake board can be a challenge, as our range of cake boards for you has been carefully selected and offers a wide variety of sizes, colors, thicknesses, and shapes of cake boards choose.

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Cake Board Wholesale - Manufacturer, Factory, Supplier In China

Sunshine bakery packaging was founded in 2013, is one of the leading cake board manufacturers, factories & suppliers in China, accepting OEM, ODM, SKD orders.

All cake boards produced are manufactured to international standards in a fully licensed, hygienic Chinese factory. What's more, all of our cake boards are waterproof and oil proof, making them very convenient to use.

Our cake boards have been gaining market share and expanding internationally, already with multiple points of sale in the United States. In addition, our products are now sold worldwide through cooperation with major distributors.

We offer unique custom designs for the most innovative styles of cake boards.

We provide all customers with different quantities and market-competitive wholesale prices.

We specialize in printing services for commercial cake boards for all your custom needs.

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Cake Boards Are Mainly Divided Into 5 Types

Cake boards come in many shapes, sizes and thicknesses, from mini cake boards to giant ones! We have plenty for you to choose from! If you want to reuse or cover any cake board to minimize waste, you can also purchase our regular cake board. Here is a guide to the types of cake boards we provide to help you better understand our products.

Cake Drum (Thick Cake Board) - 12mm

Cake Drum provides the strongest and safest board, ideal for heavier cakes. There are various shapes to choose from, such as round, square, heart, hexagon, oval, rectangle and many others to order. Very sturdy and very safe, essential for celebratory cakes in all kinds of event venues.

Cake drum/cake boards are typically about 1/2"-12mm thick, have a properly wrapped edge (the rim cake board has a separate slat cover) and a white paper underside, great for decorating cake boards, but generally thinner than corrugated cake boards Expensive, so they are better quality, cost more, and are more solid.

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Corrugated Cake Boards

Corrugated Cake Boards---usually made of corrugated cardboard 6mm to 24mm thick, designed for sponge cakes, with well-wrapped edges, great looking, inexpensive, they are of good quality and can hold decorated cakes safely. Cake board suppliers recommend that if you need a cost-effective, heavy-duty cake board, consider this corrugated cake board that is stronger .

We all know that various cake boards are indeed needed in various bakery and cake shops to successfully complete the baking art project, so it is safe to choose the best cake board, so that we can better protect them~

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Double Grey Cardboard Cake Board

Double Grey Cardboard Cake Board --- Cardboard cake boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each approximately 3mm thick. Cardboard cake boards are usually black and white gold and silver. A cardboard cake board is used under each cake layer for support.

They can also be used as display boards, but only for smaller and lighter cakes. If you don't use a cake board under the cake, when you move the cake, it will make a big difference and it will break and ruin your cake.

It's also easier and cleaner to move the cake with the added cardboard cake board. Your backing cake board is always the same size as your cake, so when you add ganache or cream to the cake, you'll ice it as if it were part of the cake.

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Masonite Cake Board

Masonite Cake Board ---The most powerful! If you need super strong and thin boards, this is the way to go! Masonite cake boards or MDF cake boards are much more durable than cardboard cake boards. Masonite cake boards are usually about 2mm-6mm thick.

Masonite cake boards are made from compressed wood fibers and are very strong, which is why they can hold the weight of an entire cake. MDF cake boards are great for layered cakes. When making cakes with more than 2 layers, your decorating board should be at least 2 inches larger than your cake, and ideally even bigger. Patterned cake boards can be purchased in different colors.

The decorated cake board, on which the cake sits, should be attractive but not detract from the cake. So decorating your Masonite plate is just as important as decorating the entire cake. Your decorated cake board should be a similar color to your cake, or if it's a different color, at least the same style as your cake.

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Mini Cake Board

Mini Cake Board---is a 1mm-3mm lightweight cake board, designed for light small desserts and sliced cakes, etc. Mini cake boards are called because they are cut from larger cakes A small piece of mini cake or other mini dessert that comes down.

They are very inexpensive and come in round, rectangular, square, triangular and oval shapes and more and are popular with bakery bakeries, distributor wholesalers and agency trade customers. If you want to try the sale or use of the mini cake board, cake boards suppliers highly recommend it, we believe it will definitely bring you a good profit.

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Choose Your Cake Board

We have cake boards for any occasion at Sunshine bakery packaging. With our cake boards, your baking artwork will be safe! They guarantee to keep your baked art safe in transit, while also making them look great. Grease-resistant, food-safe, and flex-resistant, our cake boards are cake bases you can trust.

Our range of cake boards and cake drums includes a variety of shapes and sizes. We stock the most popular and thickest cake boards on the market - actually 12mm thick (the most used). They are strong enough to hold the heaviest layer cakes. From rose gold to marble, silver cake board covering foil to custom printed patterns, we have cake boards for every occasion.

Available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, colors and shapes, whether you're looking for mini cake boards for small cakes or large cake boards for the design of grand cake baking artwork, from 4" cake boards to 30 inches, we have larger designs and larger styles, you can find everything you need by browsing our extensive product range!


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Premium Cake Boards and Boxes for Every Occasion

Looking for high-quality cake boards and boxes to showcase your delicious creations? Look no further! SunShine Packinway offers a wide range of cake boards and boxes in various sizes and styles to suit your needs.

From extra-large rectangular cake boards to foam core cake boards, we have everything you need to display your cakes beautifully. Need a specific size like a 13x19 cake board or a 20-inch cake board? We've got you covered.

Our coloured cake boards, including pink options, add a touch of elegance to any presentation. Plus, our sturdy 22-inch and 24-inch cake boards provide the stability your cakes deserve.

In addition to cake boards, we also offer cake boxes in various sizes, including 13x19, 18x26, and 9x13, to accommodate different cake dimensions. Our china polystyrene square cake foam boxes are perfect for transporting delicate cakes.

As wholesale cheesecake manufacturers, we understand the importance of quality packaging. That's why all our products undergo rigorous quality control to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Choose SunShine Packinway for your cake board and box needs, and elevate your cake presentations to the next level! Contact us today to place your order.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cake Board Wholesale

When can I get a quote?

We usually quote within 24 hours after receiving your e-mail. If you are very eager to get the price, please confirm the following information in the inquiry email: material, quantity, size, color, thickness, so that we can give priority to your inquiry.

How can I get samples to check your quality?

After the quotation is confirmed, you can ask for free samples to check our quality, attach your delivery address, and we will send international express to arrange it for you as soon as possible.

What is the lead time for mass production?

It depends on the order quantity and the item you place the order. As a general rule, cake board factory recommend that you start your inquiry three months before the date you wish to get the product in your country to ensure that your sales plans are not delayed.

What should I do if the goods arrive damaged?

Please don't worry, our product quality is strictly controlled before shipment. But if this happens, please remember the following practice: take the complete picture and video of the product in the condition reached and the damaged product as evidence and email it to us. After receiving the email, we will reply to you as soon as possible to provide you with after-sales service and compensation services.

Is it possible to buy online?

Yes, you can send the products you want or are interested in by e-mail, we will provide you with a wholesale quotation of the products after receiving the e-mail. Any other questions please leave us a message and we will be happy to answer you.

Customized Packaging

On the product specification page, we will display the packaging quantity, when buying custom packaging in wholesale, you can request cake boards manufacturers package with a single shrink wrap for each cake board, or you can customize the packaging according to the quantity you need, such as 5 cake boards and 1 shrink bag.

We can also customize the different sizes of cake boards and cake boxes you need.For example: 18x26 cake board,10x14 cake board, and you also can choose 13x19 cake box with 13x19 cake board. We can do everything size what you want.


Why is custom bakery packaging important to our products?

Purpose and Importance of Bakery Packaging

1. Protect products between producers and final customers and enhance brand influence.

2. Provide protection between purchase and use, with quality assurance.

3. Contribute to the acceptance and distribution of middlemen and customers, and expand the development of enterprises.

4. Assist customers to purchase bakery packaging products.

5. May provide a differentiating advantage for custom cake board patterns.

Have a Special Requirement?

Generally, we have common cake board products and raw materials in stock. For your special demand, we offer you our customization service. We accept OEM/ODM. We could print your Logo or brand name on cake board body s. For an accurate quotation, you need to tell us the following information:


Please tell us requirements for size; Shape; and if need to add extra function such as Thickness, color, or material etc.


No MOQ limit. But for the Max quantities, it will help you get the cheaper price. More quantity ordered, the lower price you could get.


Tell us your application or detail information for your projects. We can offer you the best choice, meanwhile, our engineers can give you more suggestions under your budget.

Write your message here and send it to us

Cake Board: The Ultimate Guide

Cakes are an integral part of our celebratory moments in our daily lives, and like all of the various cake baking and decorating necessities, a cake board is essential to a baker's kit. Without a cake board, it would be difficult for us to transport the cake intact. Having a cake board can perfectly display your baking artwork and make your celebration more complete.

What is a cake board?

We have common cake board types, you can choose the right cake board according to your and customer's needs.

Cake base board (Double Gray Cardboard Cake Board) - Thin cardboard sold in various shapes and sizes for various occasions.

Cake base board (corrugated board) - made of cheap corrugated board, low cost and cheap, suitable for light cakes.

12mm Cake Drum - Thicker and stronger cake board made of corrugated cardboard plus double grey cardboard.

Foam Core - Thin foam board sold in a variety of shapes and sizes, plain or covered.

MDF Cake Board and Drum - The toughest cake board, made of wood composite or fiberboard, mainly used for large, stacked or carved cakes.

Mini cake board - the best choice for small cakes and snacks, the cheapest and popular.

How to choose cake board sizes?

The cake board of Sunshine Baking packaging provides a variety of sizes for you to choose, you can also provide the size you want, we can customize the size of the cake board you want to meet all the needs of customers.

There is no hard and fast rule about the size of cake board you need. All depends on the design, shape, size and weight of the wedding cake. Measuring The first and most obvious step is to first determine the size of the cake you want to make.

Rectangular cake board sizes Popular sizes?

Through our sales statistics, the following rectangular cake board (full sheet cake board size) sizes are the most popular in recent years:10" x 14", 11x16", 15x18", 9*22cm, 11.5x15", 34x24cm, 31x45cm, 34x24cm, 31x40cm, 34x24cm, 40x60cm, 60cm.5*64.5 Rectangular Cake Board.

What size cake board for 6 inch cake?

A 6" cake is recommended to be placed on an 8" or 10" cake board, because we leave about 2" - 4" gap under the 6inch cake for better moving the cake or making some fondant decoration and more.

What size cake board for 8 inch cake?

An 8inch cake is recommended to use a 10inch-12inch cake board, your cake board needs to be 2 to 4 inches larger than the diameter of the cake. Because if you want to add lettering or decoration to the cake board, this is the best choice~

What size cake board for 9 inch cake?

For 9inch cakes, we recommend using 11inch, 12inch, 13inch or 14inch, preferably a cake board slightly larger than the original cake to leave room for them for your decoration creations.And you can use like 11x15 cake box to put the cake.


What is the difference between cake drum vs cake board?

Cake board is a general term for all the categories of cake boards, and cake drum is one of them. Cake boards include: cake drum, cake base board, mini cake board, MDF cake board, double gray cardboard cake board, etc., various types.

How to use a cake board?

The method of use is very simple, when you are done with your baking artwork (cake), you just need to transfer them to the cake board,

A cake board is a piece of corrugated cardboard, MDF or double grey cardboard material used to support desserts or cakes to help you display your creations and make it easier to transport.

How to decorate cake board?

Here we introduce 2 commonly used methods. The first is to cover the cake board with fondant: the fondant-covered cake board harmonizes the overall design of the cake. You can also personalize the fondant with baking tools to add some fun details! Another common method is to cover the cake board with foil or wrapping paper. Foil and wrappers come in different colors and patterns, so there's always one to suit every cake.

About cake board decorating ideas?

Cake boards can be used as a decorative element for baking artwork or as part of a cake design, here are some cool cake board decorating ideas for you to try. We have a professional cake board design team to help you design your own personalized design for free, help you get inspiration and decorate your cake board like a professional cake decorator!

SunShine Packinway: Wholesale Custom Cake Boards to Meet Your Baking Needs

At SunShine Packinway, we offer a variety of sizes and shapes of cake boards to meet your bulk customization needs. As a professional wholesale supplier of cake boards, we are committed to providing you with high-quality products and services. Our cake boards are made from high-quality materials and undergo strict quality control to ensure durability and stability. Whether you need square or round cake boards, we can accommodate your requirements. Contact us now for a quote and samples of custom cake boards!