Mini Cake Board

Sunshine Packinway offers Bakery Packaging Supplies Wholesale, which can meet your various mini cake board needs. We are mainly a high-quality Bakery Packaging Manufactuer. It has more than 9+ years of experience in providing innovative packaging solutions for various large and small enterprises.

Our MINI Cake Board's hottest models are Mini Gold Cake Board and Sliver Mini Cake Board. The style of mini triangle gold cake board、white mini cake board、wedding cake mini clapper board and mini dome cake board are also very hot sales.

We specialize in making various sizes, shapes or colors custom MINI Cardboard Cake Bases. You can use your logo, text and various customized printing to print Mini Cake Boards in any color you choose.

Please contact our sales staff get the wholesale sales price of mini cake base board. Looking forward to your email inquiry to help you grow up in your career.