Our cake boards have successfully passed the stringent SGS inspection, testing, certification, and identification processes, ensuring an excellent product quality. Our boards excel in cake presentation, durability, reliability, and environmental protection, meeting the highest standards. You can confidently use and purchase our cake boards.

In addition to meeting the import and export standards of client countries, we are flexible to accommodate any special requirements you may have. Our dedicated team is ready to provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

We take pride in offering the most professional service plan, allowing you a seamless experience from design and packaging to production, customized labeling, inspection, warehousing, logistics, and after-sales support. At every step, we enforce strict quality control measures to guarantee excellence.

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Backed by certifications such as BSCI, BRC, SGS, AI, CTT, our company demonstrates strength and commitment to quality. These certifications serve as a testament to our dedication to providing safe and high-quality products.

Choosing us means choosing a partner committed to delivering quality products and services — this is the essence of our Sunshine Philosophy.

Our Certification

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