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SunShine Bakery Packaging is a leader in professional one-stop bakery packaging solutions,

we are proud to provide bakery packaging solutions suitable for all occasions,

from the most professional bakery packaging manufacturer to consumer packaging,

delivering happiness and sweetness to everyone in the world A corner to become one of the best supplies in the global baking industry!

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Sunshine Baking Packaging provides you with the best wholesale prices, allowing you to thrive in your business without the pressure of excessive spending, helping your business grow.

Wholesale & Custom Bakery Packaging Supplies

Aiming to bring sweetness and happiness to customers, we are your bakery supplier in china support Vertical Setup Service bakery packaging and printing solution. We specialize in wholesale custom printing services for cake boards and cake boxes for all your packaging needs.

If you are connected to a bakery business, our well-made and beautiful bakery packaging gives you a professional and classy look with essentials and wholesale prices for your business. We know how important it is to have quality custom bakery packaging to enhance a company's reputation in the industry.

Use our custom bakery packaging designed just for you to meet your customers' every need and quest for a comprehensive customer experience.

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Custom Bakery Packaging

We cover the packaging needs of almost all industries, offering the best products and services.

Steps to Custom

Step 1

SunShine Packinway Bakery Packaging (sunshine packaging inc) manufacturer has a professional technical staff and research and development team, which is able to constantly innovate the design and manufacture of custom packaging materials for baked products according to the market demand. At the same time, we also attach great importance to environmental protection, actively promote the use of green packaging materials, committed to protect the environment and promote sustainable development. The following is the customized packaging reference:

custom dessert packaging
custom baking supplies
custom baking boxes
custom bakery packaging supplies
custom bakery packaging boxes
custom bakery packaging
custom bakery bags

Email inquiries and get in touch with our professional team(wholesale bakery packaging supplies) to start communicating your custom packaging project.

Step 2

We will listen to your bakery package customization needs, provide free design guidance, and make recommendations based on your needs and design manuscripts and baking packaging product options and visuals for you to review and choose.

Of course, we have many packaging for baking ranges to choose from, such as:packaging for pastry products、packaging for home baked goods、packaging for bakery products、packaging for baked goods、packaging cake products and packaging baked goods.

As a bakery packaging supplies, we support packaging for baked goods wholesale and give you the best packaging for baked good.


Step 3

After you are satisfied with the finalization, our team will provide you with production samples to confirm the final template before production, and start mass production after confirmation.

Sunshine baking company products will not let you down, you will get best bakery packaging and baked goods packaging solutions.

Step 4

As a cake board wholesale suppliers, we will mass produce your order to provide you with high quality products, check every single item before shipment to ensure the quality of wholesale bakery boxes and bags.

Around the world, we can see more and more bakery packaging wholesalers and bakery packaging users. They can provide all kinds of baked goods packaging supplies wholesale, including bakery paper, cake box supply,bakery protective covers, bakery bags bulk,bakery plastic boxes and bakery decoration sets. These service providers can not only provide reasonable packaging for baked goods boxes wholesale, but also provide various kinds of baked goods packaging design and production services.

In short, wholesalers of baked goods packaging supplies can provide a variety of suitable packaging supplies for the production of wholesale bakery box and wholesale bakery bags, which helps to protect and display baked goods and improve the sales value of wholesale bakery packaging. At the same time, it also saves the cost of baked good packaging supplies and improves the efficiency of baked goods production.



Step 5

Wholesale packaging for baked goods is very important because it protects the freshness and safety of the food and also shows the character of the food. Wholesalers of baked goods packaging supplies can provide suitable packaging supplies for the production and sale of baked goods, helping to protect and display baked goods.

In the last step,Sunshine bakery products company will arrange international transportation and logistics for you and deliver the cake packaging supplies wholesale to your delivery address safely and on time(One-Stop bakery packaging solutions).Look forward to receiving a satisfied smile and enjoying your new bakery packaging products and enhanced brand impact for your bakery business!

What We Offer


Design for "Type of box,Printing Artwork, Labels,Package etc"

We have a professional design team to design unique cake packaging for you:

  • Design more high end bakery packaging

  • Luxury bakery packaging
  • Baked goods packaging supplies

Purchasing all bakery packaging supply and bakery packaging wholesale.

We not only is a bakery packaging supplies manufacturer,but also is a bakery raw materials suppliers. In addition to providing bakery packaging supplies wholesale, we also provide packaging materials for cakes.

As a pastry box supplier,you can buy pastry packaging wholesale with us.We support various pastry packaging supplies,the hot-sales is pastry box pastry packaging,many customer pastry containers wholesale that can get pastry boxes wholesale price.



Looking for cheap cake boards? We have cheap cake boards and boxes, as well as cheap cake boards wholesale options. Our large cake board and box options are perfect for larger cakes, while our mini cake boxes wholesale options are great for smaller treats.

If you want to add a personalized touch to your cake presentation, we offer personalized cake boards and even have the option to add your logo to your cake board. And if you're looking for a specific brand, we even offer sun pack board options.
So no matter what your cake board and box needs are, has you covered.

Specially focus on cake packaging supplies (cake board and cake box) production with own bakery packaging factory.

As a cake packaging suppliers, We manufacture cake packaging materials of food grade and we also sell cake packaging material(bakery packaging material).


With own bakery packaging boxes wholesale warehouse, provide service for storage and stock up for bakery containers wholesale like bakery packaging boxes,bakery bags wholesale and dessert packaging supplies.



Instead of contact other wholesale pastry boxes suppliers, factory audit, inspection, order coordinate.

When it comes to selling baked goods, having the right packaging is crucial.Baked good packaging such as baked good boxes and cake boxes not only protect your products but also add to their presentation.To ensure that you have the best possible packaging, it's important to work with reliable bakery box suppliers and manufacturers who can provide a range of options to choose from.

Some of the key supplies you may need include cake boards, which can be purchased wholesale from a cake box supplier located nearby. With the right bake packaging, you can take your bakery business to the next level and impress your customers with both the taste and appearance of your products.

What We Offer


Except normal shipment, extra service for "drop shipping" "split or combine shipment" etc.

Looking for cake base near me? Look no further than! We are your one-stop shop for all things cake boards and boxes. Whether you need a cake board for a single cake or bulk orders for your cake shop, we have you covered.

We offer a wide range of cake board and box options, including cake board and boxes, cake board bulk, cake board near me, cake board supplier, cake board suppliers, cake board wholesale, cake board wholesale suppliers, and cake board with logo. We also offer cake boxes and boards, cake boxes and boards wholesale, and cake boxes and cake boards.

Our cake box suppliers near me and cake box wholesale suppliers near me options ensure that you can get your hands on the perfect cake boxes for your needs. We also offer custom packaging boxes, custom printed cake boxes, and customized cake boards, so you can add a personal touch to your cake presentation.

Our disposable cake board options make it easy to clean up after your event, and our cake shop board options are perfect for your bakery or cake business. We also offer cakes supplier options, so you can get all your cake needs in one place.


Customized Packaging

Amazon packaging, smal1quantity light custom

New product development

Base on market, continuous development of new products.

Material selection

-Corrugated paper (green environmental protection, recyclable and degradable, good quality and cheap)

-Double grey cake board (the most common and versatile material, suitable for any cake placement and transportation)

-Masonite board (HARD, high quality, strong bearing capacity, popular in Middle East, Australian energy countries and regions)

Process selection

-Wrapped edge (wrapping edge is a traditional style, and various ribbons can be added on the periphery to facilitate DIY)

-Better Smooth edge (upgraded style, smooth edge, beautiful, good visual effect, more convenient to use)

-Die-Cut smooth edge(straight beer made of double grey cardboard, the most universal in the world, good quality and cheap)

-Scalloped edge (beautiful, more delicate. Good for cupcakes and cream cakes)

Custom Bakery Packaging Products

-- Focus on bakery packaging for more than ten years, sunshine bakery and pastry deeply aware inquiry from clients,provide bulk bakery packaging,professional and high-efficiency Vertical Setup Service.

-- Widely coverage for all bakery packaging categories, with more than 200 type packaging supplies for baked goods to meet different request from various customer group.

--With highly production capacity, last year output eight million PCS cake boards and three million PCS cake boxes. High quality wins more than Eighty countries customer trust.

--Provide customized design and packaging service, specially aim at light custom team can help to do designs for "baked goods packaing, printing artwork, labeling" etc.

-- Passion, energetic, effort, our great young team always stay with customer, always providing the best service.

Custom Printed Bakery Packaging

Baking packaging supplies---A perfect showcase for the creativity and art of baking for gourmet food around the world, china plastic cake box supplier custom bakery boxes should live up to your artistic vision. With Sunshine Bakery Packaging, you can create custom cake boards and boxes, custom ribbons, stickers, bakery box wholesale and a wide variety of cake inserts to showcase your brand and products to consumers in meaningful and creative ways.

As a baking packaging suppliers,we create unique and creative cake boards and cake boxes for global partners, and customize matching packaging solutions for customers. Custom branded packaging is important when your business wants to make a memorable and lasting impression on customers and gift recipients.

Our custom printed boxes can include cake boards and boxes of all sizes, from large custom cake boards to individual cupcakes or cookie cookie boxes. Cake boxes can have beautiful custom graphic designs and PET windows. Custom bakery boxes can be created based on your specific products.

We specialize in providing high-quality bakery packaging solutions tailored to your specific needs. In addition to our extensive range of cake boards and boxes, we offer cake board wholesale options to help you save on costs without compromising on quality.

Moreover, we can also provide corresponding box inserts for specific food items such as macarons, cookies, or cupcakes. Whether you require custom inserts made from paper, plastic, or other food-safe materials, we've got you covered. Rest assured that all our bakery packaging products, including cake boards and boxes, are approved for direct food contact and undergo SGS testing for quality assurance.

Our professional sales team is dedicated to helping you find the best materials and properties for your business, ensuring that your packaging meets your exact specifications. Contact us today to discuss your bakery packaging needs and discover how our cake board wholesale options can benefit your business.

Custom Baked Gift Packaging

When your baked goods need to be gifted, your business can custom design its packaging for gift wrapping. Customize packaging that can help you maintain your brand identity and leave your customers with an impressive and eye-catching package.

As a manufacturer of bakery packaging, our factory can provide embossed or hot stamped logos, some of which include foil hot stamping, embossing and embossing, UV print effects, custom print ribbons, custom thank you cards, and more that help Enhance your brand image.

When you choose Sunshine Packaging for your custom wholesale printed bakery boxes, you can rest assured that your order will exceed your expectations. We have a professional production team capable of producing the best custom packaging products for your business. We customize various food packaging boxes, such as Cake box with separate lid, One-piece box, Cupcake box, Corrugated cake box, Cookie/Biscuit box, Macaron box, Transparent box and other premium items.

Custom printing and branding is our specialty, we can help you transform your branding into beautifully designed custom boxes with printed graphics. If you need help with graphic design, we have a professional design department that can help and advise you.

Explore More Baking Tools Supplies

In addition to our professional cake boards and baking cake boxes, we also have our selection of baking supplies, baking equipment, bulk ingredients and other baking necessities, from plain cupcake inner village to colorful aluminum baking cups, we have the ability to attract customers and increase Bakery products required for sales.

Offer your customers a choice of beautifully decorated birthday cakes, specialty cupcakes and gourmet cookies or macarons by purchasing our cake decorating essentials in bulk. We provide more than 800 different styles and sizes, you can also directly provide product pictures to us to help you find the corresponding products, our professional sales team will provide you with a dedicated one-stop purchasing service, you can easily buy more More baking tools supplies to bring more money to your business.

Use SunShine Packaging for Your Bakery Packaging Needs


Sunshine Bakery & Packaging has a team of professional and dedicated sales consultants who can assure you that you will always have quality and innovative products that will increase your sales while keeping your costs in check. That's why choosing the right packaging for your baked goods is the key to your success. We stock a wide range of bakery packaging products, and with our professional range of cake boxes and boards, cake mats and gold and silver drums, we will make all of your products attractive and attractive to your customers. We can provide custom printing services for your bakery boxes, cupcake boxes and bakery bags to differentiate you from your competitors.

We have accumulated almost 10 years of combined experience in Sunshine Packaging, our professional sales team and professional production team ensure convenient and efficient service and delivery. Each of our corporate divisions has trained technicians on call to resolve any issues by phone and email.

With our vast selection of equipment, machinery and products, we have everything you need to keep your bakery shop running smoothly. Choose Sunshine Packaging for reliable service and quality products you can count on.

Regular Production

Regular size: 4inch to 30inch
Conventional thickness: 3mm,5mm,6mm,12mm
Regular texture:

Grape, Maple, Rose, Lenny or 

no texture (solid color) 

Regular colors: gold, silver, white
Packing: 5 PCS/shrink bag, 25 PCS/carton

On-Demand Manufacturing

Customize the size according to customer requirements
Customize thickness according to different usage scenarios

Customizable textures and print patterns as well as customers' logos

(Free design service)

Can be customized in a variety of colors
Can be customized packaging according to customer requirements

Why Choose Sunshine Baking One-Stop Service?

When you choose Sunshine Bakery Packaging, you work with people who do the right thing for each other and their customers.

We believe in leveraging the power of strong partnerships, combined with the trust we have earned, to provide our customers with innovative packaging solutions and exceptional service experiences.

"At Sunshine, we do everything we can to create value and promote growth for the customers we serve," said Melissa, Managing Director of Sunshine.

Sunshine has a strong team that truly cares about exceeding customer expectations.

We collaborate with each other to create the best solutions for our customers.


Melissa, Managing Director of Sunshine


I love them.They are beautiful,great quality and easy to put together.


"Thank u Fiona.Say thank u.To everybody.There who worked making.My cake drums."


Good for gingerbreadhousesRaven
★★★★Good for gingerbreadhouses
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Used these as a base for gingerbreadhouses, they worked great. very sturdyand we still have the houses out on display(about 2 months later) so they're holdingup well. Would definitely buy again.
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Bakery Packaging Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best cake board?

Size: Confirm the size you need to order. Our best sellers are 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches all over the world, because cakes suitable for these sizes are the most frequently eaten in people's daily life. and ordered.

As a cake board manufacturer we also offer custom size cake boards.

Material: The cake board is generally made of corrugated cardboard, double gray cardboard or MDF, and the surface is waterproof and oil-proof food-grade aluminum foil.

Smooth edge and wrapping edge: There are two options of wrapping and wrapping, the wrapping looks smoother, because there is one more process around the cake board, the wrapping is more cost-effective, and it is the best choice for daily use by most customers .

Textured and solid color: Textured cake boards will make your cake board look more elegant, solid color cake boards are more simple and versatile, both are very good choices.

How to Choose the Best Bakery Box?

Look for boxes that come with durable bakery boxes to ensure your delicate bakery packages stay safe and undamaged for shipping. Available in windowed and non-windowed options, choose unique color options with clear plastic viewing windows to showcase your bakery artwork.

Don't miss exploring our wide range of wholesale custom design paper cake boxes. We offer the best, most durable and most environmentally friendly custom boxes for your baked goods. Our boxes are made of high quality cardboard which ensures the durability of the box. So, you can rest assured to keep your baked goods safe in these boxes!

What packaging materials are available for wholesale bakery products?

When producing baking packaging products, most of the factories use food-grade cardboard, including white cardboard, waterproof and oil-proof adhesive paper, single copper paper and kraft paper. Corrugated paper is also an environmentally friendly material for baking packaging. Packaging sales bring sustainable development.

Sunshine Packaging strives to maintain quality. Therefore, our factory manufactures durable boxes made of high quality cardboard. Our wholesale custom bakery boxes are eco-friendly and maintain the freshness of baked goods so they meet healthy standards.

What types of bakery products do you provide packaging for?

Flexible packaging is the ideal form of packaging for baked goods. We offer flexible bags and rolls for a wide variety of bakery products, including Cake box with separate lid, One-piece box, Cupcake box, Corrugated cake box, Cookie/Biscuit box, Macaron box, Transparent box and other premium items .

Contact us today to find out how we can support your brand with high-quality flexible packaging and top-notch customer service.

Can custom printed baking boxes preserve the taste and freshness of baked goods?

sure! Our wholesale bakery boxes are excellent at maintaining the taste and freshness of baked goods. Our bakery boxes are made of high quality cardboard and seal the food inside; perfect to preserve taste and freshness!

We offer a wide variety of custom bakery boxes! Choose from a wide variety of custom cake boxes, email us your custom printed logo, and we'll produce and ship the box with your company's information on it, ensuring the fastest delivery to your doorstep . Check out our custom cake boxes above to order in bulk!

Order custom bakery packaging in bulk at cheapest wholesale prices

We provide the cheapest custom boxes in China and worldwide. We are a top supplier and our rates are the lowest in the market.

You can choose from a variety of cake boards and baking boxes of different designs and sizes. Whether you're in a bakery wholesale store or a cake bakery, Sunshine Baking Packaging has the products you need to succeed.

We strive to create innovative baking supplies that inspire consumers --- and propel your business ahead of industry trends.

Our ever-expanding line of commercial grade professional bakery equipment, bakery packaging, bakeware supplies and bakery accessories are manufactured with the highest craftsmanship to ensure your bakery artwork is always of the highest quality.

Sunshine Packaging offers a wide variety of custom bakery packaging supplies.

We are one of the world's leading distributors of bakery packaging supplies.

Buy our premium bakery packaged products in bulk and safely deliver baked goods to your customers!

Why choose us

Wholesale custom bakery boxes are the best way to promote your bakery business. Sunshine Baking Packaging provides you with the best retail prices, allowing you to thrive in your business without the pressure of excessive spending, helping your business grow.

Our great customer satisfaction has earned us a huge market share, and our one-stop service makes us the destination for all packaging needs. Sturdy and durable, our bakery packaging products are the best value for money in terms of quality.

Of course, your business will thrive with the help of our custom boxes. We use high-tech production machines and equipment to print labels such as your company name, logo, barcodes and other relevant information to help communicate your brand message to your target customers.

We look forward to hearing from you. Email or call us for free advice from our professional team.

How to get a free quote?

At Sunshine Baking Packaging, we don't mind free quotes.

Contact us by email or call 86-752-2520067 to speak with our professional team for a free quote.

Identify your needs and get a quote today.

So order our custom printed bakery boxes online and let us deliver your boxes to your designated shipping address!

Customized bakery boxes are available at the best wholesale prices, and labels and outer box packaging can also be customized according to your requirements.

Custom Bakery Packaging : The Ultimate Guide

All of our packaging solutions and designs can be completely customized. Making a customized bakery packaging wholesale can make your client's bakery business stand out.

Customized bakery packaging is very suitable for promoting your brand. You can print your brand logo and contact information on Bakery Packaging or use custom ribbons, stickers and other accessories. You can sales baked goods packaging supplies wholesale, your brand awareness will increase.

Companies from all walks of life are using custom bakery packaging supplies wholesale as an innovation method to add a unique feeling to their products, especially from manufacturers to traders that look similar to products. Customized packaging can enhance consumers' overall product as a whole Experience.

Custom bakery packaging supplies methods will greatly help your business success. You can get bakery direct ltd custom baking packaging, which will make your product more attractive to potential buyers.

Sunshine bakery products provides packaging solutions that can help you realize your dreams and packaging bakery for baking products.

Why is it important for bakery packaging products?

When buying related products, bakery packaging supplies are an important part of the overall customer experience. The best packaging design will improve this experience or attract customers.

As a manufacturer of bakery packaging, we design and produce clever product packaging will enable monthly packaging boxes to obtain a wide range of markets and stable sales.

Choosing the right packaging supplies for baked goods will ensure that your brand and baking packaging products are unforgettable and attract customers' attention.

How to design a customized bakery packaging?

How to design bakery packaging products? In order to allow customers to understand our product packaging design process more clearly, we will introduce 7 steps we take with our customers to complete the custom procurement plan and bakery packaging solutions.

Whether you are looking for wholesale bakery packaging supplies design or a simple packaging design, we will guide you to complete the steps needed for the customer's favorite bakery goods packaging.

Step 1: Know what your customers want-this is the most important part of the packaging product of successful bakery.

When you create a product packaging, getting feedback from the customer is a good way to be satisfied with both the design (of course, this is also one of the secrets of our product stable and best -selling). The excellent bakery box supplies design will improve your brand and improve your customer experience.

Step 2: Send product samples to be designed for it, or you can also send product pictures and clear data (size, color, material, custom logo, etc.). Make your bakery packaging display box more interesting. Even simple packaging can attract people's attention. Your customer will like the bakery packaging design concept.

Step 3: You can provide your own packaging box design PDF document sent us, or our professional design team assists you to make exclusive custom packaging design to create unique imagination and unforgettable packaging for your products. To help you provide some inspiration for your packaging ideas and realize your vision.

Step 4: Select the right bakery packaging material --- Design product packaging is not just about the shape and size of the packaging product, or what is printed on it.

This is also about choosing the correct material. If you don't know different cardboard levels, please don't worry, contact our professional team to answer everything you need to understand.

Step 5: Make sure your packaging for baked goods wholesale is suitable for-require product samples or images and accurate measurement values in order to confirm that the final sample is appropriate.

After the customized design solution is confirmed, we will produce a sample for you, and send it to you through photos, videos or international express mail. You will receive a simple packaging sample for approval and be allowed to make any changes.

Step 6: Confirm the order information --- baking packaging suppliers will send your offer to you according to the number of packaging products you need and other customized requirements, including formal invoices and packing orders.

Please confirm the final sales contract with our bakery packaging suppliers and arrange a deposit. We will start preparing raw materials for production.

Step 7: After all confirmation is correct, we will usher in the most exciting part --- the batch of wholesale bakery packaging supplies factories and shipping bakery containers wholesale to your, so that you can start your sales plan to send it to the customer

(Need any help, please contact us to obtain pictures or marketing solutions to help you promote).

Types of materials in the Bakery Packaging Box

The bakery box manufacturers packaging box is very suitable for making your edible product. Protect your baking works from any damage that may cause by transportation, handling or other sources. The purpose of customized product packaging is to make your customers marvel and improve your brand.

You can get unique cake packaging supplies wholesale and complete a variety of sizes, colors, and pattern design customization, which will help you get the best eye-catching packaging.

The main purpose of packaging is to ensure the safety of the product from transportation to the final destination, whether it is a supermarket shelf or the client's home.

➢ Brown kraft paper

Kraft paper is often used in baking packaging and cake box packaging. This material is generally brown, providing a high -quality appearance for Bakery Packaging, becoming the first choice for many customers.

This kraft paper is simple and economical, light weight, good structural performance, and has many good protection functions for packaging items. And the application range is wide and can quickly adapt to the packaging of various items.

In addition, this kraft paper is famous for its environmental characteristics, because it is an undertaking pulp to make it one of the purest raw materials. Because it has not been treated with any chemical treatment to achieve its brown, it has made it one of the best choices for food -grade packaging products.

Advanced customization, customized specifications and sizes, printing patterns, etc. Make your box look beautiful and energetic. Takeaway box printing is very popular. Therefore, if you are looking for the organic appearance and feeling of the cake box packaging, then kraft paper is the correct choice for your bakery.

➢ Corrugated paper

The corrugated paper packaging box is made from corrugated cardboard. It is the most widely packed paper container and is widely used in transportation packaging.

The reason why corrugated carton is widely used is that it has many unique advantages: ① Good buffer performance. ② Light and firm. ③ Small size. ④ Raw materials and low cost. ⑤ Easy to automate production. ⑥ The cost of packaging operation is low. ⑦ Can pack a variety of items. Small metal dosage. ⑨ Printing performance is good. ⑩ Recycled and reused.

The corrugated structure in it is similar to the arched structure, which can play a role in anti-shock absorption. It has good mechanical characteristics, which can protect the internal shape and maintain its shape.

➢ White cardboard

The white card paper is made of pure wood pulp and has bleach on one side. In other words, the outer layer of the cardboard is usually coated to make it better waterproof and make it shiny.

This kind of paper is tough and thin, lightweight, easy to carry, telescopic, toughness, and not easy to break when folding. It is easy to cut, crease, print, and customize the packaging of products. It is high-quality and cost-effective.

And white card paper is food-grade, so it is very suitable for any type of food packaging, especially cake boxes. Especially in the print quality and customized graphics of the box.

Therefore, if your bakery is looking for bakery box supplier to making custom cake box with excellent design printing, then white card cardboard is your best choice.

----------- ----------

We introduce you to the above three common production raw materials. I hope to help you decide which type of cardboard to use according to the customer's requirements. These three are very popular.

If you still feel confused or have some reasonable ideas and want to order your cake box, please send an email to contact us, let us know your requirements, listen to our suggestions, from various standard bakery packaging supply to choose and baked goods packaging solutions. We have a free professional design team to help you.

Now you have a better understanding of the packaging materials and different uses, and hope to help your pastry packaging wholesale procurement work will be easily completed.

How is the bakery packaging cardboard printed?

Do you know how these complex designs are printed on bakery packaging? Including the printing pattern on the cake board and cake box,

Bakery packaging manufacturer completed by Professional production machine.

The flexible version of the printing is abbreviated as a soft version printing, and a printing method of transmitting ink printing with a flexible version passes the ink roller by mesh. The soft version of the print is a convex printing type. The printing version is generally used with a thickness of 1-5mm.

The ink is divided into three categories: water-based ink, alcohol-soluble ink, and UV ink. Because the ink used in the soft version of the printing is in line with green environmental protection, it has been used in a large amount of food packaging printing.

Compared with concave printing, rubber printing, and traditional convex marks, the flexible version of the printing method has its own distinctive characteristics:

1. Low cost. The soft version of the printing machine is collected by various processes such as printing, mold cutting, and light. The multiple processes can be completed at one time, and it has a high return on investment.

2. The equipment is simple. The equipment structure is relatively simple and easy to use.

3. High efficiency. The flexible version of the printing uses roll material, which can not only achieve the double -sided printing of the printing material, but also complete the work of online light (or covered with film), bronzing, and mold cutting.

Greatly shortened the production cycle, saving manpower, material resources and financial resources, reduced production costs, and improved economic benefits.

3. Wide range. Acceptable materials are relatively wide, such as paper, plastic film, aluminum foil, non-drying paper, etc.

4. Good quality. The quality of the printing products is good, the printing is rich, the color is clear, and the visual effect is good. It is particularly suitable for the needs of packaging printing.

5. Environmental protection. The new type of water-based ink and solvent-type ink are non -toxic and pollution-free, which fully meets the needs of green environmental protection. It can also meet the needs of food packaging.

6. Good benefits. The soft version of the printing machine uses a roll-type material, which can be connected to many post-printed devices, which greatly shortens the cycle.

What is the box of your bakery business?

You can use different types of cake boards and cake boxes for the bakery business. Bakery supplies bulk packaging is a good way to keep baking products fresh.

When you put the wholesale packaging for baked goods in the box, you can keep them fresh and organized. You can also sell your cake board and cake box as part of the bakery business.

Cake boards and cake boxes are a very cost-effective way to pack and transport wholesale bakery packaging. They are also excellent marketing tools because they can help you stand out in the competition.

Different types of cake boards and cake boxes are suitable for your baking business. A bulk bakery packaging can use several different types of cake boards and cake boxes to pack their products.

The following is an overview of the most common cake board type:

Cake Drum:-Generally between 6mm and 24mm, 12mm thickness is the most popular. The hot-selling size is 8, 10, 12 and 16inch

Cake Base Board: The thickness is between 2mm and 6mm, cost-effective, and the best choice for light cake.

MDF Cake Board: The thickness is generally between 2mm-6mm and is suitable for heavy’s the best cake shipping supplies.

Mini Cake Board: The thickness is generally between 1mm-3mm, suitable for mousse cakes, pudding, etc. suitable for dessert packaging supplies

The following is an overview of the most common cake box type:

Transparent Box: These are the most popular cakes and other baked food boxes, which are square and round.

Cupcake Box: The paper cupcake box is very suitable for those who want to sell paper cakes on their journey. They have a variety of sizes and colors that are easy to store.

Cookie/Biscuit Box: Bakery boxes can be used in a variety of uses in the bakery, and are usually considered the most reliable type of food storage

Macaron Box: Macaron boxes are colorful and indispensable in each celebration.suitable for baked good packaging supplies

One-piece cake box: One-Piece Cake Box is not as strong as a transparent cake box, but they are still reliable.

Suggestions for wholesale custom bakery packaging:

The excellent custom pastry packaging supplies design is essential for your business. You should consider it as the design product itself, and focus on other functions, such as durability and transportability.

Before you talk to our professional team for the first time, your bakery packaging wholesale needs a lot of use -both function and style. Not only should you consider what you want the product packaging, but also the content you want to express, design the perfect packaging. Your packaging needs to be optimized to suitable and sell your product

The following suggestions can help you:

1. Know what your competitors are doing.

Look at the powerful brand of your industry (including a company selling similar products) to see what they have done on the packaging, find out some of the key features that make their packaging so effective, learn their advantages and strengths, and use these to make use of these Advantages to stimulate your own design.

2. Respect your customers.

From the perspective of customers, solving their needs can help you build everything, design and produce packaging materials that can attract customers. Customers are the "end users" of your bakery packaging, so you need to consider that these details can attract them.

3. Don't forget any packaging requirements.

If you need to include some labels on your packaging, incorporate it into your overall design, such as customized ribbons, custom stickers, and custom -made thank you cards. This helps you create a complete design and overall style planning.

4. Get results and feedback.

It is important to maintain your custom packaging to obtain the established brand logo. Let your customer base make clear feedback on whether they like your packaging and what they like (or what they don't like) The development of your business is getting better and better (this is one of the secrets of our success)

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