Advantages of Custom Cake Drums

Cake drums are essential tools for bakers or cake decorators to make cakes. They provide a sturdy base for cakes on which to create designs, and make them easier to transport and display. Customized cake drums have become increasingly important in recent years as bakers and decorators want to stand out from the competition and offer their customers something truly unique. In this article, let’s learn about the advantages of custom cake drums.

Conducive to Personalized Display

Personalized cake drums add personalization and meaning to a beautiful cake. Cake drums can be personalized to suit a specific theme or occasion, such as corporate events, holiday celebrations, wedding parties, etc. Exquisite patterns can be printed on the surface of the cake drum. For example, patterns about Christmas elements can be printed on the surface of the cake drum, which is very festive. For example, in a wedding party scene, you can print the photos of the bride and groom on the cake board to give each other a surprise. We can also print important commemorative dates or the other person’s name on the edge of the cake support, which will give a great effect.


Conducive to Brand Promotion

For bakers and cake decorators, custom cake boards offer a great opportunity to showcase your brand by incorporating your bakery’s logo, colors, contact information and design elements into the cake board. Marketing channels to expand customer base, enhance brand image and leave an unforgettable impression on customers.

Multifunctional Design

Having one thing with multiple uses really saves costs and improves the practicality of the product. Today's cake drum are not limited to one design. We can design them to be adjustable, detachable, splicable and other multi-functional designs to meet the multi-functional needs of bakers and cake decorators. They can be used on the same cake. Use it to create cakes of different styles and shapes.

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Product Portfolio Promotion

Cake drums are sold together with cake boxes, which is a very popular sales model now. It can reduce the trouble of searching for packaging boxes twice and provide one-stop service. After the baker makes the cake on the cake drum, he puts it directly into the matching cake box, so that it can be send to customers in sets, which greatly facilitates the customer experience.

In short, customized cake drums are already a strong market trend, improving the overall presentation of cakes and giving them a professional and exquisite appearance. Everything from personalization to branding goes a long way in creating a memorable experience for customers, making it more attractive to customers and adding a premium feel to the bakery business.

At Sunshine Packaging, we can provide you with a variety of cake drums, and can provide you with design and production. If you need them, you can contact us. Please remember that we are a professional cake drum and cake box manufacturer with 10 years of production experience and BIC certification. Leave your purchasing needs to me, and we will design and produce each product to follow the customer's preferences.


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Post time: Jun-25-2024