Custom Bakery Packaging with Personalized Solutions


The value that branding empowers products with is paramount. There's no need to emphasize more about the importance of branding when selling products. At SunShine Packinway, we provide value-added services that amplify your product brand and boost your business sales.

SunShine Packinway specializes in the production and sales of cake boards and cake boxes with over 10 years of experience, offering one-stop services for baking packaging. We support customized product sizes and packaging to diversify your products, giving customers more choices and helping you stand out from competitors through differentiation. Here’s how we customize baking packaging to enhance your brand effect.

Custom Product Sizes

If you operate an online store, after seeing the best-selling styles in the market, you might wonder if you can innovate the product style and create the next hot item that customers love. At SunShine Packinway, we offer various program options and can customize the appearance, style, and size of the product according to your market’s preferences. Alternatively, you can send us your design ideas, and we will bring them to life for you.

With Classic Flower pattern

Custom Printed Logos

If you have your own brand, you are undoubtedly a great business. When customers open your package, the first thing they see is your logo. The best way for customers to remember you is through your logo. Whether it’s a cake drum or a cake box, your logo can be printed on the product.

We use various printing processes, such as embossing, single-color printing, CMYK printing, lamination, hot stamping, and silver hot stamping, to ensure your logo stands out. This kind of printing can be applied to various shapes and items; it has strong light resistance, is easy to produce, and is cost-effective, making it a favorite among our customers.

Product Matching Sales

At SunShine Packinway, we not only provide the products you need but also offer a new service: product matching sales.

Based on customer needs, we can provide a one-stop solution. This can save you precious time and allow you to focus on more meaningful tasks. For example, we offer a complete range of products related to cakes, such as cake drums, cake boxes, cake stands, and cake decoration inserts. If you can think of it, we can provide it.

Whether it is product style, size, logo printing, or product matching sales, these personalized sales plans can significantly enhance your brand promotion.

Let your customers place more orders with you and love your products, which is our greatest recognition.

At SunShine Packinway, we can meet all your needs and welcome your consultation.

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Enhancing Brand Identity with SunShine Packinway

In the competitive landscape of the bakery industry, SunShine Packinway stands out as a premier provider of bakery packaging solutions.

Our expertise in producing high-quality cake boxes and baking supplies is backed by over a decade of experience, making us a trusted name among baking packaging wholesalers. By offering cake boxes bulk cheap and custom cake boxes, we help our clients achieve cost savings while enhancing their brand identity.

SunShine Packinway is committed to delivering superior packaging solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients. Our comprehensive range of products, from bulk cake boxes to custom designs, ensures that every business can find the perfect packaging solution.

By choosing us as your cake box wholesale supplier, you benefit from our industry knowledge, competitive pricing, and dedication to quality. Our focus on eco-friendly practices and innovative designs sets us apart in the bakery packaging market, providing you with the tools to succeed.

buff cake board

Comprehensive Services for Wholesale Buyers

As a leading provider in the bakery packaging industry, SunShine Packinway offers a wide range of services tailored to the needs of wholesale buyers. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every product, from custom cake boxes bulk cheap to specialized packaging, meets the highest standards of quality and functionality. By leveraging our extensive production experience and professional technical team, we provide solutions that cater to diverse customer requirements.

SunShine Packinway’s dedication to innovation and sustainability means we continually expand our product lines to include a variety of baking packaging products, such as cake boards, cake boxes, baking boxes, cake decorations, and tools.

Our ability to offer customizations in size, printing, and packaging helps clients create unique and memorable products that stand out in the market.

As a reliable partner, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, offering top-notch services and solutions that drive mutual growth and success.

By partnering with SunShine Packinway, you gain access to a wealth of resources and expertise, ensuring your bakery packaging needs are met with precision and care.

Our global reach, competitive pricing, and commitment to sustainability make us the ideal choice for wholesale buyers looking for reliable and innovative packaging solutions. Choose SunShine Packinway for your wholesale cake boxes and experience the difference in quality, service, and value.

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