Introduction to Cake Box Types

SunShine Packinway, we have eleven years of sales experience in the production and sales of cake board and cake boxes, and we are a large wholesaler. Our service purpose is to provide customers with one-stop baking packaging services. We have discussed a lot of topics about custom cake boxes before. Today I want to share with you what types of cake boxes are there and how to choose the right cake box.

White Cardboard Cake Box and Corrugated Cake Box

Most of our common cake boxes are white or kraft paper, which are very simple and atmospheric. But if you want a more sturdy cake box to place a super large cake, you can choose a corrugated cake box, which is very popular now. Our customers have good reviews on corrugated cake boxes.

Cupcake Box

If you are a baking operator, your store cannot do without cupcakes, so the cupcake box is a must. It can firmly fix your carefully crafted cakes in each hole and is beautifully packaged. It is very suitable for weddings and gatherings. Of course, it is also a good gift for family and friends.

Cake Box with Window

We can open a transparent window on the top or side of the box, and stick transparent PET on the opening. Customers can see the cake inside without opening the cake box. Let customers appreciate your cake design at a glance and take it away with heartbeat.

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Transparent Cake Box

The fully transparent cake box is one of our best-selling cake boxes and has been unanimously recognized by customers. The cake box is transparent all around, and you can see the cake inside from any angle. Beautiful and delicious food always makes you impulsive. In addition to cakes, our box can also be used to put gifts you buy for friends or family, such as basketballs, teddy bears, dresses, baby products, etc. as packaging, which are very beautiful.

Portable Flower Gift Box

The flower box is a very popular box type at present. Put the cake on one side of the box and put flowers or gifts on the other side, with exquisite ribbons, which makes you feel excited. You can imagine that when your beloved girl opens her eyes and sees such a beautiful gift, she must be very happy and happy. Your love can also be well expressed.

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Multifunctional Cake Box

Now everyone is very pursuing the versatility of products and can maximize the use of various functions of products. For example, boxes with removable lids, built-in trays or cutlery in cake boxes, etc. provide customers with one-stop service without having to buy cake accessories again.

At the same time, portability is also very important, because consumers pay more and more attention to mobile consumption, and cake boxes that are easy to carry are in great demand. You can consider functions such as hand-held, foldable design, and compact packaging for easy transportation.

In short, there are many types of cake boxes, each of which has a specific purpose in the packaging and display of cakes. The hot-selling cake box styles and trends reflect the changing preferences of consumers and the innovative methods of packaging manufacturers.

At SunShine Packinway, we can meet the design you want, provide free samples, support pre-production proofing, pattern design and other services. If you have any needs, please contact us in time.

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Post time: Jun-25-2024