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Buying the right cake box is as important as choosing the right cake. The correct box size is necessary to properly package your cake; the wrong size may delay your delivery or cause customer dissatisfaction.

Cake Box Buying Tips

Here are some tips for selecting the perfect box for your cake. The cake box should be about two or three inches larger than the cake it holds. This will prevent the cake from shifting during delivery, which can lead to a spill or shift.


Whether you're shipping a single item or a dozen, you'll need a box large enough to accommodate the size of the cake you're sending. Regular boxes will slide around cupcakes and muffins, and cake boxes made for these items will be much sturdier. You can even purchase mini size cake boxes that can hold from 1 to 12 items. Once you have decided on the size, you can get a perfect custom printed box.

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The importance of choosing the right cake box

cake boxes protect your delicate dessert from getting contaminated or hampered while transit. The cakes have delicate icing and designs on their surface as per the required themes. These may be in fresh icing or fondants. These easily get damaged or de-shaped on impact. A good-quality dessert cake box will protect your cake and ensure that it remains intact until opened to be delivered or eaten. The boxes also protect the desserts from dust, pollution and other such contaminants while transit.

cake boxes that are tight or those which come with cupcake holders ensure that the desserts do not slide to the other end of the box while transit. This ensures that the cake is intact and reaches the person in proper condition. These boxes ensure that the desserts do not get spoiled and the receiver or the buyer opens them fresh and pretty.

Not only for transportation, these boxes are available in many shapes and sizes, and hence are very versatile for home use also. You can store your cupcakes or desserts easily at home in your fridge without taking too much space. As these are easily contained in a strong box, you can keep them above some items and also place certain other items above them, without ruining the décor of your cakes.

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Post time: Aug-26-2023