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Hello, everyone, Good day. This is Peggy from Sunshine Bakery Packaging in Shenzhen, China. We specialize in the production and sale of cake board and cake boxes with 10 years experience, and providing one-stop service for bakery packaging. Now I would like to introduce you to our many types of cupcake boxes. I hope that after reading my introduction, you will be interested in our cupcake boxes.

1.Discover the Versatility of Our Regular Cupcake Boxes

I believe everyone is familiar with this conventional Cupcake box, because this product is very popular in the market. This Cupcake box is cheap and practical. This Cupcake box will be the first choice for many bakers. Because this Cupcake box has a transparent window, which can perfectly show the food in the box.

It is simple but very practical. This product needs to be assembled by oneself, it's very easy, just buckle both sides together. The Cupcake box adopts a transparent window design, so that customers can clearly see the exquisite desserts in the box.

The transparent window not only facilitates customers to choose their favorite dessert, but also adds a delicate display effect to the dessert.This box also has two types of windows, one with smooth edges and the other with lace edges.

This Cupcake box, we have two conventional colors, one is white, the other is brown, and the other is marble design. The white Cupcake box looks simple and pure, suitable for displaying delicate desserts; Brown, on the other hand, exudes a natural warmth, making people feel as if they are returning to the embrace of nature; Marble grain adds a mysterious texture to the packaging of Cupcake box, and gives a unique visual effect to dessert.

There are four sizes for regular colors: 2 holes 16*9*7.5cm. 4 holes 16*16*7.5cm. 6 holes 24*16*7.5cm. 12 holes 32.5*25*9cm. Marble design have three sizes: 2 holes 16*9*7.5cm. 4 holes 16*16*7.5cm. 6 holes 24*16*7.5cm.

There is another kind of Cupcake box, which does not need to be assembled by itself.

It can be used only by opening it. There are also two kinds of window edges. Two regular colors, white and brown, sizes have: 2 holes 16*16*7.6cm. 4 holes 24*15.5*7.5cm. 12 holes 32.5*24.5*9cm.

The Cupcake box is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has a variety of color and texture choices. The transparent window design is convenient for display. High quality materials make it excellent in carrying capacity and waterproof performance.

This Cupcake holder can provide you with perfect packaging and display effects, whether for home-made desserts or commercial purposes, so that every Cupcake can receive due attention and appreciation.

2.Convenient and Stylish: Explore Our Handle Cupcake Boxes

This portable Cupcake box is a unique and convenient packaging box, specially designed for carrying and displaying Cupcake. Compared with the conventional Cupcake box, it has many striking features. 

First, the portable Cupcake box provides a variety of sizes to meet the needs of Cupcake of different sizes: 1 hole 9.2*9.2*10cm. 2holes 16.5*9.2*8.7cm. 4 holes 15.6*15.6*11cm. 6 holes 23.6*15*9cm.

It can not only accommodate Cupcake of regular size, but also have cute mini size, suitable for packaging a Cupcake separately. This way, you can easily choose the appropriate size according to your own needs and special occasions.

Secondly, the portable Cupcake box is designed with a convenient handle.This design not only makes it convenient for customers to carry Cupcake anywhere at any time, but also adds a sense of loveliness and fashion. This box can make your Cupcake safer and more convenient to carry, whether for your own use or as a gift.

In addition, the portable Cupcake box has a variety of colors to meet the needs of different tastes and scenes.1 hole have gold , black, white, buff, pink, green, blue, red, yellow, purple, gradient, and marble.

2 holes have white, pink, blue, buff and marble. 4 holes have white, pink, blue, buff and marble. 6 holes have white, pink, blue, buff and marble.

Whether it is bright pink, classic red, elegant blue, or fashionable metallic color and bold camel color, there is always a color that can be perfectly matched with your Cupcake to add visual enjoyment.

At the same time, this box also has a transparent window, so that you can clearly see the delicate arrangement of Cupcake, making people directly interested in the delicious desserts. The transparent window also adds a sense of delicacy to the display of Cupcake, making your baking works more eye-catching in business occasions or as gifts. 

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3.Showcase Your Cupcakes with Elegance: Transparent Cupcake Boxes

The transparent Cupcake box is made of high-quality materials. The box body is made of transparent PET, and the bottom of the box is made of white cardboard.

This design not only shows the delicate appearance of Cupcake, but also provides further improvement for the waterproof performance and load-bearing capacity of the box.

First of all, the transparent Cupcake box is made of PET material, which has excellent transparency and can clearly show the appearance and decoration of Cupcake.

PET material also has good water resistance, which can effectively protect Cupcake from moisture and liquid, and maintain the fresh taste and appearance of desserts.

Secondly, the bottom of the transparent Cupcake box is made of white cardboard, which not only has good stability and compression resistance, but also adds a sense of simplicity and purity to the box.

The texture of white cardboard makes Cupcake more prominent

In addition, the design of transparent Cupcake box makes the box more waterproof and effectively protects Cupcake from external moisture.

Whether in a humid environment or during transportation, the waterproof performance of the box can ensure that the quality and taste of Cupcake are perfectly preserved.

Finally, the transparent Cupcake box also has a reliable load-bearing capacity.

High quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship enable this box to firmly hold Cupcake, regardless of size and weight. This means that you can not only carry Cupcake safely, but also use them for commercial purposes with confidence to show your baking skills and creative works.

This transparent Cupcake box is made of high quality PET and white cardboard, with good waterproof performance, load-bearing capacity and transparency.

It can provide the best solution for the display and protection of Cupcake, whether for home baking or commercial use. Give your dessert a perfect presentation, making every bite delicious and enjoyable.

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