How to print images on cake board?

If you can print the patterns and patterns you want on the cake board, it will be a wonderful process, because in many cases, we mainly rely on our own painting may not make the cake look beautiful, I will choose three kinds below practice to demonstrate.

Select the pattern to print onto the cake board

Printing: Printing can be printed on the surface paper of the cake board according to the customer's design, so that various colors and logos can be displayed

Many people want to know whether it can be customized, what will be the effect after customization, and whether the printing color and effect are as they imagined. Some customers have unique ideas, and they will use up all the space on the cake board, so that Designs that will appear with fringes are more able to showcase the client's brand and say something to the client.

For example, some customers will design representative short sentences such as "best wishes for you", "happy birthday to you", "love and peace". Regarding patterns, many customers will choose a certain series, such as ocean series, Christmas series, Halloween series, and Valentine's Day series. It seems that each series will have different copywriting and representative pictures. For the ocean series, they will choose patterns of mermaids, shells and starfish. For the Christmas series, they may choose elk, sleigh and Santa Claus; for the Halloween series, they will choose pictures of pumpkins and skeletons; on Valentine’s Day, cake sales are also the best , the best pattern is "Love" and if you don't know how to make these patterns, you can buy some molds, such as silicone, which are easy to operate and can be reused.

Of course, it is most convenient to print the pictures and themes you want, and you don't need to think about how to match the cake to look more harmonious.

Select Hot stamping on the cake board

Bronzing. Hot stamping is a popular trend nowadays. They can stamp various colors according to your logo. Now our company will stamp silver, gold, red, black and green for customers. This method is mainly suitable for company logos with simple lines and Text is not suitable for large-area patterns. Large-area patterns will only make the hot stamping more blurred.

If the logo with simple lines is hot stamped, it will look very high-end and is very popular with most customers. Some customers are because they are For a bakery shop, the color of the hot stamping should also match that of the shop. I really want a logo with the same theme, which cannot be changed.

Hot stamping also has a particularly good advantage, that is, the minimum order quantity is very small, unlike printing. The printing machines are very large. The last time the machine was about 5,000 pieces, but you don’t need hot stamping.Any product only needs a few hundred pieces. It can be produced. For example, our best-selling product is a transparent cake box. The bronzing process of the cake box is convenient and fast and can be shipped quickly.

Choose Embossed cake board

Embossed. It is also the engraving that customers often say. If you have engravings on your cake board, but don't change the main color of the cake board, wouldn't it be more perfect? For embossing, I generally recommend that customers choose a size no larger than 10cm, so that the size will not be covered by the cake, and can clearly display their own brand, so that our customers can still remember when tasting delicious cakes Save your store logo name, or a contact method that allows customers to place orders again. This is very important just to attract traffic and bring customers to repeat purchases.

Embossing, in addition, we have another special advantage, that is, your copper mold can continue to be used all the time. This logo and mold are only customized for you. If the mold is worn out later, it will The embossing is not clear enough, just like a stamp, the more times it is used, the less clear it will become, but our copper molds will be replaced every time the customer produces them, so that the customer can receive the most Clear embossed logo.

Make the custom embossed roller | OEM design

Make the embossed roller. If a customer wants a large-area logo and pattern, such as full-page printing on a cake board, the logo and brand will be clearly visible from any angle. Embossing is a mid-to-high-end product. The customer must have a budget for this matter. If the quantity is relatively small, the roller machine cannot be customized. If the roller machine is customized, then this machine will always be your exclusive machine.

For the above methods, each product has an example, they can better show the effect to customers, any of the above methods can print patterns or logos, it depends on the customer's own choice and needs.

Many customers have encountered other printing methods in the market, and they can get inspiration from them. If you encounter them in the market, please don’t hesitate to share this idea with us, so that we can also go further in our practice. We hope Improvements will be made in technology and machines, and there are other printing methods, such as thermal transfer printing, UV printing, flat carving and embossing. These practices are now mentioned by a small number of customers in our company, and the products produced are also Higher end and higher cost.

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Overlay cake board for printing and gilding

The last option is the superimposition of printed and gilded products. This kind of product requires higher-tech machines to make, and their machine costs are also very expensive. For this method, let me explain to you that this design is a fusion of patterns and logos, but some designs It is printing, and other designs use hot stamping. The first step is to print the surface paper of the cake board, and then adjust the hot stamping machine after printing and drying, and then position the aluminum foil paper, and place it again according to the position on the hot stamping machine. This product I can show you in this article.

Choose a professional bakery packaging supplier

Finally, I hope that everyone can apply more methods and cake boards from Sunshine Company. This is a manufacturer integrating production and design. Their design department has many young people with rich imagination. Just give us an idea. They can mount your ideas and designs on cake boards and finish the finished product.

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