How to Select the Perfect Cake Box?

In the past, we introduced a lot of articles about cake trays, listed the cake board different kinds of material different differences, different uses, how to choose their own suitable cake board. today, we will introduce how to choose the right cake box, especially for baker.

First of all, we distinguish from the type and size of cake. Birthday cake, multi-tier cake, generally larger, and the main occupying volume is larger cake decorations, therefore, birthday cake, we need to choose a strong load-bearing capacity of the cake box in addition to the height of the box is high enough. Here are a few recommended for birthday cake and multi-layer cake cake box.

Transparent Cake Boxes: A Stylish Display Option

This box consists of three parts, the lid, the box, and the base. For the lid, you can choose a PET transparent plastic lid or a white cardboard lid. Regarding the box, the most common is the transparent PET plastic material. Because it is transparent, you can display your cake well, which is why most people like this box.

But now there are a lot of countries for the restriction of the use of plastic products and the need to protect the environment, so began to ban people from using plastic, so the product is a lot of plastic words will be banned, so we also introduced another box, is half plastic half is white cardboard, this will be relatively environmentally friendly, but also accepted by many people.

About the base of the box, his quality is very good, excellent load-bearing, and the surface is also waterproof oil, so you can directly put the cake on it, which is also a more Korean way to use, if you do not like to put it this way, you can also put the cake on top of the cake board, and then put the cake board on the base of the box. It is worth noting that when you receive the box, you need to read the instructions and fold the lid of the box, otherwise you may break the lid.

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White Cardboard Cake Boxes: Simple and Cost-Effective

The design of this box is relatively simple, mainly consists of two parts, the lid and the box, the lid is usually with a PET transparent window, so as to better display the cake. But it is also possible to make a non-transparent design, that is, a lid without a window.

About the box, it is designed with side snap together, so it is very convenient to place the cake, you can place the cake on the box first then close the two side snap together, so it won't touch the cake at all.

And because of the simple design of this box, the volume and weight of the package will not be very big, for international transportation, the volume and weight of the goods is a big factor that affects the freight cost. Therefore, if you choose this box, it is very cost-effective.

There is another box that has a slightly different design but is also loved by many, the three in one cake box, which is a little bit special in design. It is also made up of three parts, the lid, the box, and the bottom.

The lid is opaque, the box is with a window on one side, and the bottom is the same design as the lid. The bottom is suitable for cake board. The size and height of these boxes are customizable, so you can customize the height to your liking.

Note that the bottom of the box needs to match the size of the cake board you are using.

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Corrugated Paper Cake Boxes: Ideal for Heavy Cakes

The design of this box is the same as the one described above, the difference is that the material is not used, this material will be thicker and harder, so it can withstand heavier cakes, which is why many people use it to hold their wedding cakes.

This box will also be designed with a portable style, which is more convenient for the transportation of the cake, because the material is very hard, so this design will not have any problem.

Of course, in terms of price, this box will be a little more expensive than the one described above, but compared with a birthday multi-tier cake and a wedding cake, this price is still considered cost-effective, you can rest assured that you can choose!

Key Considerations for Cake Box Selection

Choosing the right cake box is important for displaying and protecting your birthday and wedding cakes. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the right cake box:

Size and shape: Choose a cake box that fits the size and shape of your cake. Measure the diameter, height and width of your cake and choose a box that matches. Make sure the cake has enough space inside the box to avoid being crushed or damaged.

Material and quality: The cake box should be made of strong and durable material to protect the cake from external impacts and damage. Common cake box materials include cardboard, cardboard and plastic. Make sure the box is of good quality to withstand the weight of the cake and maintain structural stability.

Transparency and presentation: if you want the cake to be clearly visible in the box, choose a cake box with transparent windows. This will allow you to show off the appearance of the cake without having to open the box. Clear windows also prevent the cake from shifting during transportation.

Additional features: some cake boxes may have additional features such as removable lids, slots or dividers to keep the cake stable. Consider your needs and design and choose the right add-ons.

Specialized suppliers: Purchase cake boxes from specialized suppliers to ensure quality and reliability. These suppliers usually offer a variety of different sizes and styles of cake boxes that you can choose from according to your needs.

Where to Find Quality Cake Boxes for Special Occasions

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Most importantly, when choosing a cake box make sure that it offers adequate protection and also displays your cake. Choosing a high quality cake box can make your cake perfect for birthday and wedding occasions.

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