What size is the hole in a cake board?

Hello, everyone, We are Sunshine Packinway Bakery Packaging in China.We specialize in the production and sale of cake boxes and boards wholesale with 10 years experience , and providing one-stop service for bakery packaging products.In this issue, I will introduce a new style of shoe.

In fact, this cake board is not different from the ordinary cake board in design(we can do custom bakery packaging and OEM service). If there is any difference,it is the design with a hole in the middle. Many people are curious, what is the homework of this hole? Then let me focus on this perforated cake board.

What are the raw materials of this cake holder?

This perforated cake board is actually made of the same raw materials as the ordinary cake board. The specific material of the cake board should be measured according to the weight of the cake. If it's only used for putting light cakes, it's enough to use a thin corrugated cake tray, because this thin corrugated cake board is very suitable for putting light cakes.

Secondly, we can also punch holes with the double gray base, because the paper with double chip board is relatively strong. When punching holes, we need a sharper knife to cut the hole, which increases the cost a lot, but the bearing capacity of the double gray board is relatively good, and layers of cakes can be made.

There are also 12mm corrugated cake drum and MDF board, which are relatively expensive, so they are rarely used in the market. Of course, if the cake is really heavy, you can still try to use 12mm corrugated drum and MDF board, also can choose difference shape the 12" cake board square wholesale and cake board round factories is most popular.

What color can be customized?

The customization of colors is also diversified, and different color cake trays are customized according to the needs of customers. It is said that customized cake holders with special colors are popular in the market now. A while ago, Australia liked a marble-colored cake tray.

Among them, white marble grain and black marble grain are required. Therefore, if a customer wants to customize this color, it can also be customized. Like the common gold, silver, black, white and so on, it is also a very bad color. The white ones look simple, the black ones look gorgeous, and the gold and silver ones look gorgeous.

How to choose the color of the cake tray? Please choose the color of the cake tray according to the color of the cake. Or other customized colors are also possible, but there is a problem that customized colors usually have higher purchase costs because of their uniqueness.

Recently, our company has produced a customized rainbow-colored cake tray, which is really beautiful. I attach a picture for you to have a look at. I think this rainbow-colored tray must be a girl's favorite.

Whether it is used for taking pictures or matching cakes, it is really perfect. If you are also interested in this color, you can make an inquiry with me. Or send us the color you want to customize, and we can help you design it.

How big is the hole in the middle?

Many people wonder how big the hole in the middle can be. The size of this is also customized according to the size of the cake. If it is a single-layer cake, we will recommend customers to make it with a diameter of 1cm.

If your cake is too big, or there are many layers, we will advise customers to make this hole bigger, so that the top cake can be fixed well. Usually, we can customize the hole size of 1-1.5cm to meet the needs, and some people will do the hole size of 2-3cm.

The most important point is that a set of cake trays with holes, each hole has a constant diameter and is located in the middle of the cake tray, so as to facilitate and fix the cake.

Some customers are worried that only one hole will be punched in the cake board, and that it will be unstable and the cake will crack. A customer asked me "Hi kent, I want to know what cake board is only customized one hole".

Actually, it's not necessary. We have also made a cake tray with five holes for our customers. There is a relatively large hole in the middle and four small holes around the big hole. This structure can better fix the cake.t. I have attached a picture for your convenience.

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How to assemble multi-layer cakes?

How to assemble multi-layer cakes? When we put the cake on the cake holder, we also insert a transparent straw in that hole. This straw is plastic, and the color is usually white or transparent. You can use other colors if you want.

Others like to match a wooden pillar to fix the cake, because the wooden pillar is relatively hard, which can make the cake stronger. We first insert the straw into the mouth and fix it, then put a cake, then put a cake holder on the first cake, then insert a second straw, fix it in the re-hole position, then put a second cake, and so on.

Of course, it depends on the weight and size of the cake, and the corrugated cake holder can be assembled for the small layer cake. For the heavier one, you can choose double gray board, china paper cake drum or china mdf cake board.

Sources: Picture from Sunshine package

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