Why do you need to put your cake on a cake board?

What is a cake board and what material is it made of? What is its purpose? Why do we need to use it?

First of all, let's have a brief understanding of cake board, which is made of corrugated paper, hardboard, MDF, cake dummy, acrylic, and many other customised cake boards materials.

Corrugated cake board

Corrugated paper is the most common and relatively economical material. Many of our packaging materials are used corrugated paper, such as our delivery boxes. We can custom biodegradable food packaging,this material is made of paper, so it is very environmentally friendly, green and recyclable material, so you do not have to worry about the recycling problem.

The thickness of corrugated paper material is generally 3 to 6mm, and the cake drum is made of corrugated paper, which is pressed up layer by layer. Because corrugated paper is one layer at a time, it can be made into different thicknesses of cake boards.

3mm or 6mm makes a very thin cake base board, and they can be used in the middle of each layer of a wedding cake or in the middle of other multi-layer cakes. Secondly, it can also be used to hold the size and weight of smaller cakes. It can also be used to hold cupcakes.

Hardboard material

This material is die cut, and its hardness is very good, because it is hardboard material, which is made of laminated paper material, so it has good load-bearing capacity. It's hardness is much better than corrugated paper, so it is also a very popular custom bakery packaging supplies.

And, because its production process is laminated, die cut, so its production process mechanization is very high, so the production cycle is relatively short, because the production process of cake drum is mostly produced by hand, so it takes more time.

So if you need cake board but your time is not enough and you don't want to wait too long, you can choose cake board with hardboard material.

MDF cake board material

MDF board is the hardest material, it is made of the same material as the wood board, you can imagine that kind of decoration wood board, furniture wood board, they are very hard, so MDF board is a very hard cake board, so, no doubt, they can withstand the heaviest cake.

As a bakery packaging suppliers,we suggest if you want to make a multi-layer cake, a very heavy cake, and you do not want to crack the cake in the process of moving, you can not consider other materials, directly choose MDF board is a very good choice.

Its thickness is also from 3mm to 5mm, and its surface is covered by the package material, which can be very good waterproof and oil-proof. Of course, this material is also the most expensive of all materials, but when you make a wedding cake, the cost of the use of this compared to MDF board is just a drop in the bucket.

Cake dummy

This is a wholesale cake board made of foam, the general thickness can be made very thick, and then his process is cut, cake dummy into the edge of the cake board will generally be decorated with diamonds to cover the edge, and then his effect will be very beautiful, is the effect of gold glitter, and one of the benefits is that he can be repeatedly used.

Because the surface and sides of the cake dummy are covered with specific materials, it is possible to be used many times. Many customers will use it as a base for cupcake at parties, in addition to cupcake, there will be a lot of snacks, so it is not fixed to put the cake.

There are many different cake boards on the market, some are cake stand, made of marble cake stand is also the material preferred by many customers.

There are also a lot of transparent acrylic cake board and cake stand, now more and more different shapes and materials of the cake board, the material of the cake board no longer have limitations, the future will also have more.

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Why would we need to use cake board?

I think you already understand after I introduced these different materials. The cake we make is very fragile, especially when he starts to make it, a strong base can ensure that the back of your cake is made smoothly.

So, we need to make a cake base that is very strong, just like you need to build a house, a good base can prevent your house from collapsing.

Therefore, the first important purpose of a cake board is to ensure that your base is solid and can provide protection for your cake making.

Secondly, when we make a multi-layer cake, we need to put each layer on top of the cake, but the cake itself is soft, so it can not support well, so it will need a cake board on top of each layer to support the best role.

Third, the cake we need to do a good display, if placed in a general tub will affect the beauty, not well play her artistic display value, more importantly, we can also save space. There are many artists will need a variety of display materials, general utensils can not play such a role, so for the art of display is very important.

Fourth, the cake will generally need to be transported, whether it is an ordinary birthday cake, or a large wedding cake, can not be separated from the transport link. If we use general utensils, the cake may crack. The existence of Cake board can solve a lot of our problems, save us a lot of time and bring more value.

Fifthly, Cake board is a great tool for custom printing, you can print your name, your brand, your bakery, and a very good advertising and marketing role on it.

Therefore, the cake board is not only for transportation purposes, but also for the beauty of the product itself and the branding.

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