What Are The Common Sizes,Color And Shaped Of Cake Boards?

Sunshine Company said: “The range of options with our cake-boards is extensive. Whether it is a standard product you are after, or an unusual shape or size, we can help. We can also supply a product that is environmentally friendly.For anyone looking for something eco-friendly, we can supply compostable and recyclable cake boards – an aqueous coating gives the necessary grease resistance."

Sunshine company can also supply patisserie boards (including tabbed) and cake-collars.

Common Sizes

For commonly used sizes, each country will have different choices, but from the customers we have contacted, they are generally divided into 3 regions,

 (1) Middle East and Southeast Asian countries will prefer to choose these sizes, such as: 6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 9 inches, 10 inches, 11 inches, 12 inches. These sizes are more suitable for making a cake substrate for a layer of cake. They are all selected to be slightly thinner and not too heavy. Such cake substrates are disposable.

(2)The Australian market prefers MDF and cake substrates. The size choices are about 5 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 9 inches, 10 inches, 11 inches. satisfy customer needs.

(3)The United States and European countries will tend to 20cm, 25cm, 30cm and 35cm, they like even numbers, this is in line with the inch of the cake box, and it is also very suitable to put in the cake box.

Standard sizes (circular) are 6inch, 7inch, 8inch, 9inch, 10inch, 11inch & 12inch diameter, but custom sizes are available. Also available are square, hexagonal, oval, rectangular etc.Options for cake boards include scalloped edges and embossed surfaces, and custom shapes (such as Valentine’s Day hearts) are also available.

Common Color

Be sure to carefully consider what color you need! Whether you prefer your board to match or contrast the color of your cakes, you have to be mindful that the board is just the right color.

Ideal for weddings or bridal showers

Blank slate to cover with fondant or custom decorations

Ideal for Halloween or New Year's Eve 

Black background helps colorful cakes stand out

More shine due to metallic appearance

Most often used for higher-end events or occasions

Other popular cake board colors are red, blue, pink, and yellow

Get a board to best fit the theme of your cake or dessert

Common Terms (Features of cake board)

These are some common terms you will come across while browsing cake boards. Your board may have none, one, or most of these features - it's completely up to you based on what is important for your application.

  • Recyclable: Instead of throwing it away after use, being able to recycle your cake board helps promote an environmentally friendly business model.
  • Grease-Proof: This means the material or coating of the cake board is completely impermeable to oil or grease.
  • Grease-Resistant: A more economical option, grease-resistant boards have been treated to resist staining or absorbing grease. But under certain conditions, like extended time, grease may seep into the material.
  • Freezer Safe: This means you can confidently store your cake on the board in your freezer or refrigerator for extra versatility.
  • Scalloped Edge: The edges of every side of your cake board will be shaped into a curvy, waved design to add an extra decorative element.
  • Laminated: Having a laminated coating helps protect the board against grease, and it also adds extra shine to the color of the board.
  • Uncoated: Most cake boards come coated to prevent grease from absorbing into the cardboard. However, uncoated boards are also useful as they can support food like pizza during transport to purposefully absorb grease so it doesn't leak through the delivery box. You can also use uncoated boards if you want to add your own custom coating.
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Common Questions When Using Cake Boards

What size cake board do I need?

When acting as a base for your cake, you should allow for about 2" - 4" of clearance on each side of your cake. So, your cake board should be 4" - 8" larger than your cake. For cake drums that are used in between tiers, they should be the same size as your cake.

Can I cut a cake board to the size I need?

Yes you can, just be sure to use heavy-duty scissors or another sharp tool to avoid frayed or jagged edges.

Can I use a cake board with a cake box?

Yes! In fact, you should always use a cake board when putting a cake into a box since cake boxes are prone to bending under the weight, so without the support of the cake board your cake would bend as well.

Why are the actual dimensions of my cake board slightly smaller than expected?

To make it easy to pair cake circles with their appropriate boxes, some items are commonly listed as being the same size as the cake box. However, to allow them to fit inside the cake box, their actual measurements will be slightly smaller than the box itself.

Should I put my cake on the board before or after icing?

 Either way works. If you place the cake on the board before icing, then you don't need to worry about messing up your decorations by transferring it later.

Do you have to use cake boards when stacking cakes?

If you're stacking any heavy cake, or any cake larger than 6" in diameter, you absolutely should use a board or drum between the tiers. Even with smaller cakes, it is recommended to use them if you intend to stack more than two tiers.

While the idea of using a cake board to support a delicious cake seems pretty straightforward, there are actually many details and definitions that need to be understood to select the best cake board for your needs. Here we endeavor to outline exactly what a cake board is, and any other information you would need to know, so you can find the perfect product to support your desserts.

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