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MDF cake board sare made from high quality masonite full size sheets.They are strong enough for heavier cakes,used all over the world.A beautiful selection of molding designs for major cake decorating substrates.Wholesale Cake Board Manufacturing would make a great gift packaging option for party bakers.

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    In Sunshine packaging we will explain what are the advantages of working with MDF Cake Boards, and how can make the best custom cake boards.
    Advantages of working with MDF Cake Boards:
    1- Resistance: A wooden cake board can hold up to 20 kilos, something that would be impossible with a cardboard cake board.
    2- Safety: unlike chipboard, MDF is a heavy, stable and a safe material for transporting cakes.
    3- Price: unlike solid wood, the cost is much more competitive.
    4- Uniform surface: provides a clean feeling and does not have the porosity of a cardboard.
    5- Customisable: MDF is easy to cut and does not produce splinters and can be carved or engraved in a similar way to solid wood.Customise here your wedding cake board with your company logo

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    Product name Masonite cake board 
    Color Wood paper,Pink,Sliver,Gold,White,Black/Customized
    Material Masonite Board
    Size 4inch-30inch/Customized
    Thickness 2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm/Customized
    Logo Acceptable Customer's Logo
    Shape Round,Square,Rectangle,Oblong,Heart,Hexagon,Petal/Fully Customized
    Pattern Custom Patterns
    Package 1-5 Pcs/shrink wrap/Customized
    Brand SUNSHINE


    If you want to DIY cake board at home, our cake board can also be a good material to meet your personalized basis. Take the first step, even if you are not completely prepared.  If you want to try, please do not hesitate to contact our staff, we can provide you with any size of the basic template, as long as you need, we will do our best to do and do well!! If you need cake board, please choose bakery packaging supplies manufacturers, bring you warmth and love, sincerely hope that our sunshine can bring you sweet and happiness.  

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    • What is MDF cake drum?

    There are several types of cake boards on the market, but none are more durable and elegant than those made of MDF (medium density fiber). This type of board is obtained by compressing wood fibers, the result is a very durable and easy to work product.

    • What is Masonite cake board?

    Masonite’s is made from steam-cooked and pressure-formed wood fibers, making it an engineered wood rigid board that’s the perfect cake board for heavier cakes.

    • What is Masonite cake board made from?

    A stylish alternative to traditional cake drums, the Masonite Cake Board is a favorite among modern cake decorators. These boards are made of engineered rigid boards in thicknesses of 4mm, 6mm and 12mm but are still strong enough.

    • What board is used for cake box?

    Cake Boxes and Cake Boards: An underrated but essential tool for cake decorators, cookie decorators and dessert bakers. Because the cake board is food grade, depending on the weight of the cake. You can choose to use a cake board that won’t overwhelm the cake.

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