How To Assemble Transparent Cake Box?

In recent years, transparent cake box is very popular in the market, it is very strong, and it can carry various sizes of cake. At the same time, it is very beautiful, its four sides are made by transparent PET, which can better present the characteristics of cake,and can better for attracting the consumers’ attention. And it's not just popular in any particular country, actually, bakers all over the world love this kind of cake box, and many wholesalers are buying in bulk to grab market share locally. So let's talk about this transparent cake box, how it assemble,  what size and colors of it, and does it have certificate. 

1. First, let's see how this beautiful cake box is assemble.

Usually, this cake box is packaged in two ways, the one is the base board of a single shrink-wrapped, the other one is a set of 5pcs or 10pcs base boards per shrink-wrapped.Besides, the PET usually goes together with the other side of the base boards, so as does the lid.

When we receive the cake box, we first take out a complete set of cake boxes, which are usually packed into one box with the same size. We take out the base, PET and lid, and then start our assembly.


The first step is remove the packaging film of the base and put it aside.

The second step is to tear and remove the protective film on the PET. Usually, we see that the PET looks a little dirty and has some scratches on it, so we may think if it is damaged during transportation, but in fact, it is not.

 All of our PET's have a protective coating on the front and back, and when we pull it apart, the PET is intact, seems very clean. When we tear off the protective film, we can begin to assemble the PET box body. The hole on the opposite side is fastened, and the PET assembly is complete. This step is very simple.

The third and most important step is to folding the lid. Many customers say that when they receive the box, they do not know how to fold the lid. Among them, the lid is divided into transparent cover and paper cover. The transparent cover is relatively easy to fold. It just needs to remove the protective film and buckle the four corners.

Paper cover is relatively difficult, first of all, to fold all the dotted lines, and then fold according to the dotted line, to the next to the extra paper under the press, to play a fixed role, the four corners are the same operation, so that the lid can be fixed, you can see the specific operation video. Folding the lid is also a process that practice makes perfect. It must be difficult to fold at the beginning, but it is not difficult to fold more than a few times and become skilled.

The fourth step is to put all the parts together, first, put the base in place, then cover the PET body, and then put the lid on, see! a complete cake box is finished, of course you can also add ribbon, so that it looks more perfect. 

2. Secondly, this cake box is so popular, what size and color do you usually have to choose from?

Usually, its size is from 7inch-17inch,includes 7inch, 8inch,10inch,12inch,13inch,14inch,15inch,16inch,17inch. Total 9 kinds of sizes for choice. Besides, the height is generally single layer, double layer, heightening layer, you can follow up your cake size to choose the appropriate size and height.

What’s more,the most popular sizes are 26*26*25cm, 26*26*31cm,30*30* 25cm,30*30*35cm which translates to about 10*10*10inch,10*10*12inch,12*12*10inch, 12*12*14inch. These are all very popular, most commonly used sizes. If you want to start selling this cupcake box in your country, you can start with these sizes.

Of course, if you need to customize the size, that is fine, but the MOQ is a little higher, it is requested 3000 pieces per size to customize the size. If you only buy the existing design style, MOQ is only 100 pieces per size.

Besides, if you want to add your logo on the box, it is also acceptable. You can add the logo on the lid, on the base board, or on the PET body, it is very beautiful and better for your to advertise your brand, most bakers will choose this option, they want their customers remember their brand when they see the cake box. And what is the MOQ for adding the logo? It just needs 300pcs, so that you can add the logo for free, that is very reasonable option for the bakers. If you are also interested in that, please don’t be hesitate to do that!

In addition, what color can we choose of the cake box? generally there is white, black, blue, pink, red, transparent and gold. The best selling colors are white and black. Of course, gold is also very popular in some African countries.

You can mix colors to test your market and see what colors and sizes are most popular. And if you want to customize the colors, that is also workable. You can send us your design so that we can help you to customize the special colors for you. Which is just for you.

3. Does this cake box have a certificate?

The answer is YES, the quality of this box is very good, also passed SGS certification, it is in line with food grade bakery packaging products, you can rest assured to sell and use, if your customers need to see the certificate, you are also welcome to contact us at any time, we can send the certificate to you. Help you sell this product better.

Who doesn't love such a beautiful, high-quality cake box? Contact us soon to start your business! We are very happy to provide you with consultation, as well as box installation videos, certificates and posters, so that your business will become better and better!

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Post time: Dec-30-2022