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  • How To Transfer A Cake To Cake Board?

    Cake Board Factory One of the most common questions people have when making cakes is: "How on earth do I move the cake from the turntable to the cake stand without damaging the surface?" "How do I move the cake from the cake stand to the cake boar...
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  • Are Cake Boards Reusable?

    What is a cake board? The Sunshine cake board is designed to add structural support to larger pastry mixes. For example, the multiple layers of a wedding cake often need solid support to prevent the entire elaborate structure from collapsing. Cak...
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  • Where To Buy Cake Drum For Sale Wholesale Price?

    In this article, we explain where you can find the best custom cake boards and wholesale prices. The answer is: here! Sunshine baking packaging Co., LTD Sunshine Packaging was founded in 2013. We "Sunshine Packaging" manufacture and supply cak...
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  • What Should We Pay Attention To When Choosing MDF Cake Board?

    What is MDF cake board? There are several kinds of cake boards on the market in the bakery packaging industry, but none of them are as durable and aesthetically pleasing as those made of medium density fiber (MDF). Unlike corrugated cake board and...
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  • Custom Cake Board, Provide Design Concept Services

    Cake Board Factory At Sunshine Bakery Packaging, explore popular bakery packaging.Experience limitless customization possibilities with our Sunshine team and start designing personalized cake boards and boxes. We are your one-stop bakery ...
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  • Where Can The Cake Base Be Used?

    Cake Board Factory Cake boards are flat supports placed under the cake for easy lifting and transport. A cake is placed on a cake board, and then spends the rest of its "life" on the board: decorated on the board, transported on the board, and ser...
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  • How To Choose An MDF Cake Board Manufacturer?

    How To Choose An MDF Cake Board Manufacturer?

    Cake Board Factory In daily life we often spend a lot of time thinking about what kind of cake we are going to prepare, but we don't pay attention to the importance of the cake board.  The cake boards we use are essential, and poor quality cake bo...
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  • How To Choose Cake Drum Sizes,Color And Shaped?

    How To Choose Cake Drum Sizes,Color And Shaped?

    Cake Board Factory For birthdays, weddings or holidays, many people like to book a delicious cake to add some atmosphere to the dinner.When choosing cakes,customers mostly care about the shape and taste, but few people pay attention to the size of...
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  • How To Cover A Cake Board?

    How To Cover A Cake Board?

    In this post, I'm specifically covering how I cover my cake board. Now, if you're new to cake decorating, you might just want to see how to cover a board with white or colored fondant, but if you want something more advanced, I'll also cover how to make your cake board p...
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  • How To Make A Cake Board?

    How To Make A Cake Board?

    How to make and cover cake boards with foil and other decorative papers with this awesome cake boards The cake board is something we often see, such as birthday party, wedding, all kinds of celebration site, it is essential to exist. But how is it made? Few people know, ...
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  • What Is A Cake Board?

    What Is A Cake Board?

    A cake board is a piece of hardboard covered in foil (usually silver but other colours are available),it is a flat support placed under a cake, to make it easy to lift and transport.We have 2mm-24mm thick. The cake board have all kinds of thickness, and in the Sunshine w...
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