Tips For Keeping A Cake On The Board

Discover essential tips and techniques for keeping your cake securely placed on the board with our comprehensive guide. From preventing slippage to ensuring stability during transportation, this article provides valuable insights and practical advice for bakers and cake enthusiasts.

Learn how to achieve picture-perfect presentations and avoid mishaps that can occur when handling delicate and intricate cakes. Elevate your baking skills and ensure your masterpieces stay in place with these invaluable tips. Dive into our informative article now!

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What is a cake board?

A cake board, also known as a cake drum or cake base, is an essential tool in the field of cake decoration and display. These strong and flat plates are usually made of cardboard, foam core or other durable materials and come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different cake designs.

The main purpose of the cake board is to provide a stable supporting base for the cake to be transported, displayed and served.

Here are some of the main uses and benefits of cake boards:

Support: The cake board provides structural support for the cake to prevent it from sagging or collapsing. They distribute the weight evenly, ensuring that the cake remains stable and intact as it travels from the bakery to its final destination.

Transport: Cake boards make it easier to safely handle and transport cakes. A sturdy base helps keep the cake level and firm, reducing the risk of damage or movement.

Decoration: A cake board enhances the overall appearance of the cake. They come in a variety of colours and finishes, such as pure white, metallic or floral, allowing decorators to choose baseboards that match the cake design and theme.

Hygiene: The cake board provides a clean and hygienic surface for the cake. They act as a barrier between the cake and the display surface, ensuring that the cake remains uncontaminated and safe to eat.

Why should we attaching the cake to the cake board?

Attaching the cake to the cake board is a step that every cake baker must go through when making a cake.

Why would you do that?

The first is to increase the stability of the cake. Using cream or other materials to fix the cake to the cake board can help you to stabilize the cake when you decorate it.

When you decorate the cake you turn the wheel, and as you turn, the cake shifts. There will be instability, so fixing the cake will help you decorate it better.

Second, when you move the cake, because the cake is very heavy, you will encounter all kinds of problems in the process of moving the cake, as well as external influences that will affect your ability to move the cake smoothly. For example, if you want to move a cake onto another plate of the cake.

Fixing the cake to the cake board can make the decoration process smoother and improve the production efficiency.

Cleanliness and hygiene: there are food hygiene problems when making cakes. Attaching the cake to the cake board will make the cake and tools cleaner, eliminate scratches, and reduce contamination associated with the cake.

Overall, attaching the cake to the cake board improves the efficiency and quality of making and decorating.

This method became a common practice for cake makers and home cake makers.

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cake base board
cake base board
cake base board

Tips for keeping a cake on the board

Attaching the cake to the cake board requires the following tools:

First you need a cake board, you have to choose the right cake board according to your needs, from the shape and thickness, material, color, etc.

Second, you need to prepare sugar water or sugar glue, or cream, use a scraper to evenly spread the ingredients on the cake board, and then place the cake on the cake board, aligned, and then you can put the cake in the refrigerator.

Third, you can use an auxiliary tool, the cake ring, to secure the cake ring to the edge of the cake, will do a good job.

And you will also need this tools:

Spatula: When applying sugar water or gum, use a flat spatula or small brush to evenly cover the cake and cake board.

Here are some tip for choosing the right cake tool:

1. Choosing the right size of the cake board: you should choose the right size and shape,color,material and so on according to your cake.(Here is some suggest:How to choose cake board size?

2. Cake board material:you can choose the corrugated paper cake drum,thick cake board,MDF cake board,they should be oil protection,because different materials can affect the stability and decoration of the cake.

3. Sugar water sugar glue needs to be evenly applied: When you apply sugar water or sugar glue for the first time, it must be evenly applied on the cakeboard to ensure the bond between cake and cakeboard is more stable.

4. Pay attention to the selection of right size: be sure to choose a ring that fits your cake size according to your cake size to ensure that the gap between the cake and the cake board is filled rather than left empty.

5. Clean and hygienic tools: when making cakes, we should pay attention to the selection of cake tools with good quality and hygiene to ensure the quality and hygiene of the cakes and ensure that everything is clean and tidy.

In conclusion, choosing the right tools for the cake size, ensuring that the tools and cake are clean and health.

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