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Wholesale custom MDF cake board,as a professional cake board manufacturer,directly from the factory, you can customize the size,color and pattern to enhance your brand awareness.Our cake boards have a uniform texture,smooth texture and outstanding durability that you can buy and use with confidence.

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    All products of Sunshine packaging can directly contact with food, using food grade material can directly contact with food to make your baking life healthy and delicious more exquisite, we have papering gold, silver, black or other colors of aluminum foil, MDF cake board thickened hardness, hardness is good, strong, bearing. This kind of material is of the best quality in the cake board, so if your budget is enough, you can order this kind of bakery packaging supplies wholesale without hesitation, believe that it will not let you down.  

    Masonite cake boards are a stylish alternative to the traditional cake drum and are a hot favourite among modern cake decorators. It's easy to see why! Most masonite boards come in colours and finishes which are not the traditional silver foil, giving you more options to match your board to your cake, and not have to cover it with icing and ribbon. Sunshine masonite cake board type has offered a stylish modern alternative to the traditional cake board, giving way to a certain style of presentation. Waiting for you make more beatuiful cake!

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    MDF Cake Board
    masonite board  (58)
    Product type Masonite cake drum 
    Color Wood paper,Pink,Sliver,Gold,White,Black/Customized
    Material Masonite Board
    Size 4inch-30inch/Customized
    Thickness We can do 2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm/Customized
    Logo Acceptable Customer's Logo
    Shape Round,Square,Rectangle,Oblong,Heart,Hexagon,Petal/Fully Customized
    Pattern Customised Patterns
    Package 1-5 Pcs/shrink wrap/Customized
    Brand SUNSHINE/Customized


    MDF wood also offers additional advantages such as thermal and acoustic insulation, which is why it is often used as wall, furniture or door cladding. MDF boards are often compared to chipboard and many people wonder which of the two materials is better. In general, the two types of wood have a similar use, but it is interesting to highlight some additional aspects:
    1- Bending: MDF boards are much more resistant to bending forces than chipboard. There are several types of thickness depending on the weight they must support. For a Cake Board tray, it will be enough to choose between a thickness of 3 or 6 millimetres, depending on the size and weight of the cake.
    2- Density: in general, MDF boards are denser and therefore heavier, offering safety for the transport of cakes.
    3- Finishing: the MDF is smooth and is perfect to decorate it with all kinds of finishes.

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    • Are Masonite Cake Boards Sturdy?

    Sturdy – Made of MDF, the masonite cake board is a great choice for all types of cakes from sponge cakes to dense fruit cakes and is the best cake board to support heavier cakes and multi-layered cakes.

    • What is a Masonite Cake Board?

    Masonite’s is made from steam-cooked and pressure-formed wood fibers, making it an engineered solid wood rigid board that’s the perfect cake board for heavier cakes.

    • What is an MDF cake board?
      There are several types of cake boards on the market, but none are more durable and elegant than those made of MDF (medium density fiber). This type of board is obtained by compressing wood fibers, the result is a very durable and easy to work product.

    • What is a Masonite Cake Board?
      Masonite’s is made from steam-cooked and pressure-formed wood fibers, making it an engineered wood rigid board that’s the perfect cake board for heavier cakes.

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