What Is A Cake Base?

What is a Cake Base? A cake base is normally a double grey board with a PET paper( you can get them in other colors but silver and gold is the most common) and they are around 2-5mm thickness. They’re strong and are generally available in larger sizes than cake boards. They’re the most cost effective way to hold the cake, so they are very popular for the bakers.

What is a cake base used for?

A cake board is a thick piece of material designed to support cakes or even cupcakes to improve your presentation and make transportation easier.

When you put a cake into a box, if without the cake base, the cake will be hard to remove,since it will be fixed on that location. But if you use a cake base, you can just remove the cake base, not need to touch the cake, which protects the cake well.


Are cake bases reusable?

Cake bases are made out of double grey board or single/double flute corrugated board. Cake baes are usually 2mm-5mm thick, We don’t recommend to make it too thick, since they are cut by the machine, if too thick, the cutter is easy for damage.And the edge is not flat .

 Cake bases are are perfect for decorative cake boards but are usually cheaper than masonite cake boards, so they are used more normal than  MDF boards are. 

Some people like the cake base with wrapped edge,that is acceptable, the same size cake base can be with die-cut edge and wrapped edge. Die-cut edge is much cheaper, but people will see the material obviously. Wrapped edge is more good looking, but its price is a little high than the die-cut style.

So it depends on your choice, you can also mix all of them in your shop to meet the requirements of your customers.

Do you decorate a cake on the cake base?

Cake base will make your cake decorating life easier, especially if you are transporting the cake. You can for sure decorate a cake on the stand you are serving it on, but if you plan on moving the cake around a bit you need cake boards. For one regular cake I use two cake boards.

The bakers normally use the turntable to make and decorate the cake, but you can use a cake board to hold the cake, then put it on the turntable, so that you can keep the cake intact and undamaged, you just move the cake board instead of the cake part.

As you know, the cake is soft, and when you shake it, it will be damaged , some small decoration will be fall down. So a cake base is very necessary for decorate a cake!

When should I use a cake base?

Cake base uses the PET surface paper, which is easier for decorate on the board, you can print some shape or words on it, you can also print your logo around the outer edge,such as a 10inch cake base, you put a 8inch cake,and the outer edge has a round logo to show your brand, that is very beautiful and good for advertising your brand.

As for the wrapped edge cake boards, you can also print many different pattern on the surface, such as glass, sea, sky, marble and so on. You can make them colorful, so that when your cake put on it, the cake looks beautiful, too. A good looking cake board will make the cake more attractive!

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Do you need cake bases between tiers?

Every tier should be on a cake bases(cardboard round or other shape), and the bottom tier should be on a thicker cake board to support all of that weight. You should not be able to see any cardboard except for bottom cake board that the cake is sitting on.

As we can see, some beautiful cake stand is also made by cake bases, it has a support at the middle, and each tier cake board has a hole, will fix on the support, which is very stable. Some baker likes the plain color cake stand, but some one likes colorful, it depends on your choice.

Normally the bottom layer is made by thicker cardboard such as 5mm ,and will be larger size, such as bottom layer is 12inch, middle layer is 10inch, top layer just is 8inch even 6inch. That is good for show the cupcakes, it is nice to have a afternoon tea with your friends!

What size cake bases should I use?

As a basic guide, your cake board would need to be 2 to 3 inches bigger than the diameter of your cake. Such as you put a 8inch cake on the 10inch cake base, put a 10inch cake on the 12inch cake base, that will be good to take and move the cake.

Sometimes the baker prefer to the cake board with groove, which distant the edge about 4-5 cm, which not only decorate the cake, but also fit the size of the cake, the cake will be fit the size inside the groove. And you can also make a handle for easy taking, and make some scalloped to decorate the cake. We call that as “flowers”

Can you put buttercream on a cake base?

No matter whether your cake will be naked, buttercream, ganache or fondant finished, a covered cake base will not only give your cake that finishing flourish, but it can also add to the design and overall look of your creation.

What’s more, they are oil proof and water proof, when you use them finished, you can wipe on the surface with a damp cloth, then it will be clean, so that you can use them next time.

So buttercream is acceptable on a cake base.

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