What Is The Origin Of Cake?

The cake originated in ancient Egypt. The former ancient Egyptian dynasty began 5,500 years ago (35th century BC) and ended in 332 BC. The first skilled baker (baker) should have been an early Egyptian and the first nation to bake as an art. There is a set of reliefs depicting the ancient Egyptians making cakes and the shape of cakes in the Pharaoh's tomb of Lassamus II.

history of cakes

This is a "flow chart" of the evolutionary history of cakes

In ancient Egypt, cake was made from coarse flour, honey and fruit. It's made of stone. The cake at that time was very similar to bread. Similar to bread with honey. In the fifth century, this baking technology spread to Greece, Rome and other places. In the tenth century, due to the trade exchange of granulated sugar, granulated sugar flowed into Italy, and granulated sugar was added to cake making. In the 13th century, it was named "cake" by the British, which is a derivative of the old Nordic kaka Kaka.


Cake Period

Cakes in this period can only be enjoyed by nobles. In the first half of the 20th century, being able to make the lightest or most delicious fruit sponge cake was a sign of the ability to be a good housewife and one of the precious virtues. Marie-AntoineMarie-Antoine, the French pastry chef, changed the appearance of traditional cakes together with contemporary pastry chefs.

In the nineteenth century, the shape and taste of cakes changed further. With the development of alkali industry in Europe, baking soda and baking powder are blended into cake fermentation, which speeds up the fermentation speed and makes the baked cake more fluffy. In the 20th century, in 1905, there was the first electric oven in the world. In 1916, the electric oven with adjustable baking temperature came out, and cakes were no longer exclusive to the nobles.

Cake is believed to be the heart of dessert lovers

Most of them can't resist that delicious temptation

There's a lot of untold knowledge in this little piece of cake

Today I will tell you the development process of the cake

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1.The birth of the cake

Europeans in the Middle Ages believed that birthdays were the day when a person's soul was most easily eroded by the devil, so on this day, relatives and friends should gather around the birthday person to protect and bless it, and at the same time send cakes to expel the devil. At that time, birthday cakes were only enjoyed by kings and nobles, and of course, the taste was not so good.

The word cake in English, which appeared around the 13th century in England, comes from "kaka" in Old Norse. The original name of the cake is sweet bread, the practice of sweet bread was recorded in Roman times

2.The Invention of the Cake

Who invented the cake?

The cake-making process was documented in both Rome and Greece, but according to food historians. The first skilled baker (cake maker) should be the early Egyptians, and the first nation to make baking as an art

They invented cooking methods and ovens, and through ovens they invented all kinds of bread. Honey is also added to some breads as desserts, and the making process and ingredients of the cakes can also be seen in the frescoes unearthed in the mausoleum.

Neither the early Egyptians nor the medieval Europeans called cakes what they are today. Most of them are just bread with honey added. The ancient Egyptians would not even call it a cake.

And it's not food for everyone.

In the 10th century trade exchanges, sugar flowed into the Italian "cake" and slowly moved closer to what it is today

The French made fruit tarts with almonds in the 13th century and added eggs to the recipe in the 17th century. At the same time, cream cakes became popular. The emergence of baking soda and yeast in the 19th century made baking discoveries quickly. So the way of making cakes, the shape And the taste has changed drastically.  

After reading it, do you feel that some strange knowledge has been added? Tomorrow I will tell you about the reason why you have to eat birthday cake on your birthday. The reason is because of the devil! ?

Why eat birthday cake?

Europeans in the Middle Ages believed that birthdays were the day when the soul was most easily invaded by demons, so on the birthday, relatives, friends and friends would gather around to give blessings, and send cakes to bring good luck and exorcise demons. Birthday cakes, originally only the kings were qualified to have, have been passed down to the present, whether adults or children, can buy a beautiful cake on their birthdays and enjoy the blessings given by people.

Now most people can enjoy birth cake , and cake become daily dessert, even cake lovers tase 1 pcs cake every day. Due to the popularity of cakes, many cake decorations have also appeared, such as ,diffenrent cake board (MDF board ,12mm cake drum , hard board and so on),different cake box(currogated box , white box ,handle cake box one piece box and so on );different cake decorations (cake toppers,Butter mouth ,Silicone mold and so on ), which satisfy different the appearance of the cake.

What kind of cake decorations do you want to know ? I will introduce them next article.

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